Holiday Guide: Perfect Brownie Pan Set

brownieHave you seen commercials for the Perfect Brownie Pan Set? I have! I have also seen it for sale at Toys R Us in their As Seen on TV section. I was mighty curious about how well the set worked and whether it was a valuable kitchen tool or not. So I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to review the set and try it in the Mom Buzz residence. Here is what I heard:

The Perfect Brownie™ Baking Set is the solution to bake, slice and serve delicious brownies without the hassle.  Simply pour the batter into the pan set, insert the divider and bake.  Eighteen perfectly proportioned brownies will be ready right out of the oven!  The Perfect Brownie™ Baking Set bakes each piece separately so no fighting over the corner piece.  Each brownie is flaky and crispy on the outside, but rich and gooey on the inside.  Plus, the baking set can also be used as the ultimate party serving tray!  Just drop down the sides and the bottom stays up on a pedestal.  Perfect to separate tasty toppings at a birthday party or to use at bake sales. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

My original thoughts were that this would ROCK for the holidays, ensuring every slice of brownie or cupcakes was evenly cut. It cuts a pan into 18 pieces. Then I realized it even helped make even rice krispie treats. I’ve tried making these before and it is so sticky and tricky! If they can make that easier, that would just be awesome.

I originally was going to make rice krispie treats for the kids, but forgot to buy marshmallows. Bummer. So I decided to make Funfetti Mini Cakes instead. The Perfect Brownie Pan Set gives some tips and tricks to ensuring everything comes out PERFECT. I definitely suggest reading these and using the tips. Some include always using a nonstick spray and preheat the pans for 5 minutes to prevent any leakage. If leaking occurs, line the pan with foil before placing in bottom insert.

It also comes with Gooey Chewy recipes, like Ice Cream Sandwiches, Chewy Coconut & Chocolate Chip Bars, Marshmallow Treats, White & Dark Chocolate Blonde Brownies and 9 other recipes! Plus it comes with stencils, so you can decorate your brownies with powdered sugar and sprinkles in pretty shapes!

There are four parts to the Perfect Brownie Pan Set. There are the dividers, the bottom of the pan (a single sheet), the outer part of the pan (it has an open bottom where the bottom of the pan will sit) and the rack. Once the brownies are cool and the divider is taken out, you put the pan on the rack and it pushes the dessert out for display and serving.

So how well does the Perfect Brownie Pan Set work? Well, here are my results after using once.


Each cake was baked perfectly. I can definitely see the plus of  using this with brownies, so that each piece is essentially a yummy, corner piece. For the dessert I made, I was having trouble deciding whether to frost them while the divider was still in or not? I think you can do it either way, depending on what look you want? Do you want it to look like one huge cake or like separate pieces when on the tray? My only problem was one of my cupcake pieces flipped upside down when I lifted the divider. Bummer, but I probably needed to add more cooking spray on the dividers? Overall, I am super pleased. And once I iced it, it looked perfect, of course.

Overall, this makes a great purchase if you plan on doing a lot of baking for friends and family. Desserts make great office gifts, come from the heart and can be easy on the wallet. Or for only $19.95 this set makes a great gift for a baking or entertaining mama!

You can order from – the official site of Perfect Brownie Baking.

Pretty awesome! The boys were beyond happy with the tasty results. And I found it to work just as advertised, which is great!

The Mom Buzz received the Perfect Brownie Baking Set for Review. This is her opinion on the set. If you would like to learn about more gift ideas, be sure to check out the rest of the Holiday Guide. You can also enter to win some hot gifts!

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I love, love my brownie pan! I use mine for fudge! Yes, the pieces are big but you can always cut those pieces in 4’s! And it really does come out beautifully!

  2. My hubby really wants one of these! Thanks so much for the review. Now, I can buy one!

  3. Jennifer Oms says:

    I have to try this! I love making brownies but always have so much trouble cutting them.

  4. Thanks for the excellent Review – Honesty is always appreciated:)

  5. Deann Turner says:

    The perfect brownie pan is OK, my complalnt is the Recipe guide that comes with it, make the Cherry Snack Cake and see what you think. They need to fix it

    • LMBO! Deann – I am AFRAID to try that recipe now! So far I am using it with box mixes. I still want to try the Rice Krispy Treat recipe they have. I really only like Cherries on top of cookies. Or by themselves. So I would prob. skip that recipe. But the pans do rock!

      • I recently bought the brownie pan and totally Love it! I first used for rice krispie treats and will never do them the old fashioned way again! This ROCKS for those yummy little treats!! I added Christmas M&M’s to the mix and it was just fabulous! I have the marbled brownies in the oven as I type this. They are looking Fantastic! You cannot go wrong with this gem of a product!

  6. Emma Benedict says:

    I have been wanting The Brownie Pan for some time now, but just couldn’t bring my self to spend the money…so, imagine how pleased I was when I got it as a Christmas gift!!! I haven’t tried it out yet, but there are some great looking treats on the box, however the recipes for those are not in the book…there are some good looking recipes, but i would like some more. Does anybody know where I might find those or possibly have some other good ones for me?

  7. I got mine to x-mas and love it. I have only used it with brownies but going to try it with meatloaf tonight.

  8. Thanks for the review. I have wondered if this pan really worked!
    I am glad to see it worked for you and I am brave enough to get one myself now!!!

  9. I bought one of the perfect brownie pan i wanted to try the grandma apple pie squares recipe but its not in the book of recipes, does anyone know where to find that recipe ? thanks

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