Holiday Guide: The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly

nightmarebeforechristmasMy three year old is OBSESSED with the Nightmare Before Christmas. It started with the music by Danny Elfman. They played it constantly when we were at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, so he made that connection. So then I decided to show him the movie. He LOVED it. After that he constantly wanted to watch the movie and listen to the music on the Ipod. Then we took a trip to Barnes and Noble, and while there he saw  Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee. He wanted it so badly! Can you imagine a three year old playing Yahtzee. And who would come up with such a game concept? (And yes, we bought it and are going to surprise our son with it!)

Anyways, after some research I figured out that USAOPOLY makes these awesome themed games! SO MANY CLASSIC BOARD GAMES that would be perfect as holiday gifts, for family game night or for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to end the festivities. Many games are new versions of classic favorites. For example, there is Charlie Brown Yahtzee – The Great Pumpkin Edition, Halo Wars Risk, Clue: The Office Edition, and Monopoly: The Nightmare Before Christmas – just to name a few that caught my eye.

riskActually, if you like Monoply, there are many themed options! Star Trek, Charlie Brown, Elvis, The Family Guy, the Beatles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers … the list goes on and on. You have to check it out for yourself! I received The Nightmare Before Christmas edition to review.

Both sons were so excited to see it, but the game is for ages 8 and up. We waited for my 1 year old to go to bed, but my 3 year old sat on my lap for some portions, helped roll the die, counted steps, etc. It was a good learning experience for him, with money, counting and taking turns!

But the game was really between my husband and I. This collector’s edition is so cool! It comes with six collectible pewter tokens – Jack Skeleton’s Head, Oogie Boogie, the Evil Teddy Bear, Sally, the Mayor’s Hearse and the Evil Duck. My husband favored Oogie Boogie and I chose the Evil Teddy. You move around the board just like traditional Monopoly. A roll of the die lands you on “properties”. But now the property names come from this cult-classic movie. And instead of Railroads there are Holiday Towns. You know – those doors in the forest that Jack found and led him to Christmas Town? Well, you can buy it, along with Valentines, St. Patrick’s and Easter. And instead of Utilities, you can own Santa’s Toy Shop and House. And for properties, you could own Jack’s Tower, Wolfman’s Pad and Vampires Coffins, just to name a few. There is jail and free parking, just like the traditional game.

nbc2Certain spots make you pay gambling losses to Oogie Boogie or taxes. Others have you choose cards, to make the game more interesting. These cards are Halloween Presents or Christmas Presents, depending on the spot. Some cards give you money ($25 for winning 2nd place in a scaring contest). Or you end up paying money ($10 for hiring your teammates to wrap gifts).

And then one other interesting twist is that you are not buying “houses” and “hotels” in this game, although the pieces still resemble houses and hotels. In the game they are called toys and assembly lines.

My husband and I played for hours and pretty much came to a “dead end”. Mwa-ha-ha. Essentially, we were just trading money back and forth. But it was still an exciting game, especially when he almost had everything mortgaged at one point!

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this twist on the classic Monopoly. This game will be a family favorite for a long time, especially when played with my boys, niece and nephew. I definitely suggest checking out USAOPOLY for other themed game sets that your family will love to play this holiday season … and throughout the year.


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