Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

DisneyCastleMickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is going on now for select dates in December. With all of the extras included with this Disney Christmas Event, it’s a perfect addition to Holiday Celebrations,  builds anticipation of Christmas for the kids and helps the Scroogiest of adults in rediscovering the magic of Christmas.

Personally, my family had so much fun at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, that we wanted to experience the Very Merry Christmas Party, too! My husband, always the instigator, brought it up a few times. So, I looked into it and discovered that it would definitely help build anticipation for the Big Day! This time we went as a larger group – me, my husband, my boys, my sister, my niece and my nephew. I thought the more people, the merrier! Plus, I hadn’t been to Disney with my sister since before we both were married and had kids! So maybe it’s been 12 years since we’ve been to a Disney park together? Wow.

I definitely got her excited when I told her what we could expect at the park. First off, the event starts in the evening, from 7pm to Midnight. Most of the attractions are open during the night, so you ride Dumbo under the moonlight or race on Tomorrowland Speedway with only track lights to guide the way. But, adding to the whole event is a Yuletide Fantasy with these extra Holiday Surprises:

The Enchanted Lighting of Cinderella’s Castle: We managed to catch this when we entered the park. We did get there a little early, but we saw the Fairy Godmother work her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo and the whole castle was not only lit a gorgeous shade of purple, but icicle-like lights started to twinkle all over. It happened quickly and before 7pm, but all three boys loved it! (My niece was in the castle at that time, being pampered like the princess she is!)

DisneySnowSnow on Main Street: I had to see this! Snow in Florida? Almost unheard of, unless you are in a magical wonderland. I was wondering how they would do it, expecting to see flutters of tiny, circular paper. But instead it was water-based and this snow was fluttering down, gorgeous with the lights and decorations. They even landed on my nephew’s nose as I strolled him along in our Sit-and-Stand! When you are in the middle of Main Street, it almost seemed like a blizzard to us Floridians, with white, fluttering droplets everywhere!

Character Dance Parties: We managed to catch the Character Dance Party that was by Dumbo (The Fantasyland Pavilion Cotillion in Ariel’s Grotto). There was also another dance party at Cosmic Ray’s Jingle Dance and Play in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. These parties go on throughout the night. At the Fantasyland Pavilion, Cinderella’s evil stepsisters (Anastasia and Drizella) and her evil stepmother were leading the girls and boys in dance. You can see a video of the action below.  It was HILARIOUS and I loved their chatter as they stayed in character.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade: This was something I was looking forward to the whole night. There are two parades, one at 8:15pm and the other at 10:30pm. I hear that the later one is less crowded, so that was the one we showed up for. It was definitely special for me and the kids. I loved seeing the dancing Gingerbread men, Chip and Dale with their hilarious snowball fight, the huge toy soldiers marching down the street and … saving the best for last … SANTA CLAUS! The kids waved and yelled Merry Christmas to him as he rode on by! It was just perfect!

Fireworks: Holiday Wishes Celebrate the Spirit of the Season: This happens at 9:30pm. The sky was lit up with a gorgeous display of fireworks. You can see the show pretty much from anywhere in the park. We watched it from Tomorrowland, which I found wasn’t as crowded as Fantasyland. It’s just amazing what we saw – such as a Smilies and even a  Mickey Mouse Face!

Complimentary Cookies and Cocoa: I was so looking forward to this part of the event, but I never got my cookies and cocoa! Oh, there were signs leading us to this special treat throughout the night and I saw other patrons enjoying the sweets, but I was just too busy with everything else! Plus, my kids wanted the Disney Popcorn and my husband wanted Rice Krispie treats. But I do suggest taking a Santa-like break and indulging yourself at some point!

DisneyMickeyHoliday Meet and Greet’s with Disney Characters: There are characters sprinkled throughout the park in their Holiday Best. My boys saw Mickey in Mickey’s Toon Town. Now, usually you see Mickey in the barn. For Halloween he was in the garden in front of his pumpkins. For Christmas you do the line backwards, starting in the garage! And you end up “meeting him” in the house. Now my youngest was the biggest crank throughout the line, but my oldest was so excited. And by the time they saw Mickey, they were both on their best behavior, so happy and gave him a huge hug (and some cheese for the camera)! It was totally worth the 20 minute wait. Minnie is also in Toontown. Donald was in Fantasyland, by Winnie the Pooh and the Mad Tea Party. And we saw Jasmin and Aladdin in Adventureland. I am sure other characters were out and about, but those were the ones I spotted and/or visited.

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas Show:  This takes place at the Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland. Showtimes are 7:45, 8:45, 9:50, 10:45 and 11:45. This is a new show.

Celebrate the Season Show: This occurs in the Castle Forecourt Stage at 7:45, 10:05 and 11:20.

Belle’s Enchanted Christmas: Join Belle as she tells the story of her Enchanted Christmas in Belle’s Fairytale Gardens. Show times are 7:30, 8:50, 9:55 and 11:00.

Now you know what’s going on! How about some tips to get you through the night!

1. Buy Tickets in Advance!

Don’t arrive at the park hoping to buy tickets at the gate. Tickets sell out in advance … and if any tickets are left for the night, people who are visiting for the day can decide to purchase them. When we went, December 11th, tickets sold out before 7pm. I told my sister she NEEDED to order her tickets in advance to ensure it wasn’t sold out. She was even able to print a ticket from home.

DisneyBibbidi2. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Have a girl? Consider getting her dressed up with a sprinkle of Pixie Dust from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. There are two boutiques, one in Downtown Disney and one in the Castle. There are three packages you can choose from, Coach, Crown and Castle. Packages start at $49.95. Boys can get a Cool Dudes package for $7.50.

3. Have an Annual Pass? Get there Early for Parking.

Annual Passholders can save on parking – only if they get there early. When we were going to the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, we got stuck in traffic and had to pay special event parking. But if you get there just an hour early, you can use your parking pass and park for free. If you don’t have a pass or get there late, parking is $14.

4. Bring a stroller!

I brought two double strollers – one for my boys and one for my sisters kids (their ages are 4 and 6). My sister thought it would be too much trouble to bring the stroller from the car onto the trolley. She forgot how useful it would be IN THE PARK! Ha! So in the end, there were always 2 to 3 kids on the Sit-n-Stand and 1 to 2 kids being held. I have to say, all of our arms were so tired holding kids that weighed between 30 and 60 pounds on our hips or on our shoulders.

We could have rented a stroller, which I have done in the past. Stroller rentals are $31 for a double and $15 for a single.

5. Dress in layers

The weather is weird in Florida around December. It can get cool, be rainy or muggy. It might be cold outside and warm inside. So it’s best to wear layers that are easy to peel and put on so you can be comfortable in the park.

DisneyFamily5. Weather Conditions

Speaking of weather conditions, portions of Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown Fair may be closed during the Fireworks. Try to plan to do those activities before and after the fireworks.

I think that covers my experience with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Any questions about the event – just ask! We have annual passes and go often. Just leave your question as a comment here or e-mail me at erintales@themombuzz.com. And check out the official Very Merry Christmas Part at Disney’s site for available dates, times and pricing.


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences.

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  1. that looks like so much fun! Disney is a dream for us, hopefully one day we can get there as a family.

  2. Looks like a blast, Hope I can bring my family to Disney SOON! BTW love the photos 🙂

  3. It looks like an amazing night! The Dance Party was hilarious, seems like everyone had a blast!

    I really hope one day to be able to take my little one there.

  4. That sounds like loads of fun. The girls have both been to Disney and still talk about it. Hopefully we can take davis very soon!!

  5. Looks like yall had a great time. I want to go so bad with my kiddos. Maybe one day!

  6. That looks and sounds like an amazing event!!!! Too bad I wasn’t closer to attend something like that!!

  7. Jennifer Oms says:

    I’m glad you guys had so much fun. Hopefully i can join you next time 🙂

  8. It looks like a blast ~ I hope to travel to Disney SOON! BTW love the photos and thanks for the helpful tips!

  9. Oh you’re so lucky! This is incredible!

  10. the stepsisters dance was sooo hilarious…and the way the stepmom was walking around in attitude..amazing…lolz!!

    • I adore the stepsisters at Disney. They are always so funny when we get a chance to interact with them. Sometimes they speak to my boys like they are prospective marriage partners (aka Princes). It just cracks me up. That was my nephew that they dragged around the dance floor.

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  11. amy warren says:

    we keep saying we are going one day, but i hope that one day hurries up and gets here! sounds like you all had a great time!

  12. Fun fun fun!! We were at Disney last December, never hit the Christmas party but still the holidays are soooo much fun at Disney. Cinderella’s Castle is a must see at Christmas time. We saw the Osborne Lights for the first time at DHS last year, and we were entranced. Disney does everything over the top!

  13. I am in NJ but would love to just jump in the car and head to Florida to see some of this. We were in Disney about 4 years ago. It is such a magical place…I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be there at Christmas. Your post and the details and photos almost made me feel like I was experiencing it too!

  14. I especially like the touch of snow :)! Looks like your whole family had a wonderful time!

  15. What fun! We took our kids to Disney when they were young (they’re grown up and living on their own now) and I’ve always wanted to go back with just the hubby. And then go back again to take the grandkids.

  16. What a thrill to be there to see such wonder. We were there in November, our schedules won’t permit a Christmastime trip. So glad you posted pics. I totally miss being in WDW.

  17. Everything is so beautiful and that looks like so much fun! I would love to take my son one day.

  18. looks like so much fun I have book marked this for us to think about next year. we are only four hours from Disney

  19. Kelly Ann T. says:

    We will be going to Disney in a few years. I hope we have as much fun as you did.

  20. it looks like you had so much fun! we’ve never been to disney but the kids really want to go. i have a friend who books disney trips on a budget. i will definately look into our options now that i see how magical it really is!

  21. WOW–that looks like so much FUN. The castle is beautiful. Now I want to go to Disney even more. Maybe I will win the lottery in 2010. One can hope. Love your castle picture. It is magical. 🙂

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