Treats for Husbands

training treatsWhether you are looking for stocking stuffers for Christmas, goodies for his Easter Basket or a cute way to celebrate an anniversaryTraining Treats may be the answer! Training Treats are delicious gourmet hard toffee candy playfully packaged in an entertaining gift box featuring clever narratives on front and a reward guide and testimonials from satisfied users on the back.

The Training Treats product line includes Training Treats for Husbands, New Husbands, Retired Husbands, New Dads, Boyfriends, and Golfers. And for that one-of-a-kind man who is perfect and needs no training (like my husband) there is Husband Treats.

I received a package containing all of these treats, both to keep and share with other moms. I gave my husband the Husband Treats, since he is just the most wonderful man alive to put up with me! Even though he can only munch on these candies on non-diet days (he’s training for a body building competition), he thought the packaging was funny and he liked them a lot. The narrative on the front of his box says:

For the man who is perfect, that one of a kind,
Who needs no training, good grief, what a find!
Because he’s so special, so sweet and so right,
Thank him with Husband Treats, morning and night.

Then there are funny “testimonials” on the back. Like one says, “He Brings Me Coffee Every Morning.” That one is from M. Folger.  Or Venus saying her husband says she looks like a goddess. There are also tips on when to reward your man – like for keeping the gas tank full, helping in the kitchen, or keeping up with the honey do’s.

When I showed my husband the other treat options – for boyfriends, husbands, new dads, retired husbands, new husbands and golfers, his eyes lit up. His office is all women and he wanted to share these boxes with them. I had to agree, since most of them fit this bill and all have a great sense of humor. Especially at the expense of the significant others!

Here is a list of occasions on when you can give these treats! Just some ideas!

Baby Shower: Give the expecting mom Training Treats for New Dads!It will help encourage getting up in the middle of the night with the baby and changing diapers!

Bridal Shower: When you are giving the new bride must-haves to start her new life, includeboyfriend a box of Training Treats for New Husbands. It’s best to train them early to give up closet space and learn to say, “Whatever You Say, Dear.” As M. Monroe says, “Forget Diamonds, Training Treats are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

Retirement Party: Is your coworker retiring. Send them home with Training Treats for Retired Husband. The wife will need them to make sure her husband can fend for himself in the home!

Marriage Anniversary: Training Treats for Husbands may help keep the spark in your marriage – or at least help you keep the peace as you train them to put the toilet seat down, place dirty clothes in the hamper and learn to speak the words, “Whatever you say, Dear.”

Dating Anniversary: Training Treats for Boyfriends are just the thing to show your appreciation at a 1 year dating anniversary! As DOT COM says, “After Just Two Weeks on Training Treats, He’s E-mailing Me Love Poems.”

Christmas: And of course all of the treats named above are a great choice for Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

Training Treats® was initially born as a gift from Judy Dishman to Rosemary Lab Walters on Rosemary’s first wedding anniversary. Rosemary’s past success in training her Airedale dog, Winston, seemed a natural explanation for her well-trained new husband, though he claimed that he was already perfect when she met him. As smart and enterprising women, Judy and Rosemary knew otherwise. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Training Treats For Husbands™ was born.


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  1. I would get the husband treats! This is too funny! It may work, haha!

  2. Amanda Starr says:

    So cute if not slightly degrading haha but in a good humor way of course!
    Would love the Husband Treats cause well I’ve had my now husband since he was 13 so I pretty much have him trained but a little incentive never hurt

  3. Amanda Starr says:

    Sent a Free E-Card from Kraft

  4. Amanda Starr says:

    Follow Training Treats on Twitter

  5. Amanda Starr says:

    Fan Training Treats on Facebook

  6. Amanda Starr says:

    Commented on Guilt on Date Night

  7. Amanda Starr says:
  8. Very cute–I would choose the “Husband Treats”–thanks for the chance to win.

  9. For my best friend/soul mate, the guy that is a wonderful person, a great daddy…just perfect…..Husband Treats for my hubby!

  10. i would love to have the “Marriage Anniversary: Training Treats for Husbands” for my hubby of three years..just to keep things fun 😀

  11. i commented on the Very Merry Disney Party Post!

  12. Constance L. says:

    I would love the training treats for my husband, he would get a kick out of those!

  13. Mellissa C says:

    I would choose the Husband treats for my wonderful husband!

  14. training treats for husbands

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  15. Amanda Starr says:
  16. The Husband Treats would be great! Because mine just needs a little encouragement. He’s pretty well trained after 6 years!

  17. I have your button.

  18. I sent an E-Card. Thanks!

  19. Amanda Starr says:
  20. traci smith says:

    i would like the new dad, my daughter just had a baby a few months ago and her boyfriend has been away at basic , and this would be cute for them

  21. Amanda Starr says:
  22. Jennifer T. says:

    I’d like to give the Training Treats For Husbands to mine.

  23. Jennifer T. says:

    I sent a free e-card from Kraft.

  24. I would want to win the training treats for Husbands! This one inparticular because even though we’re not married we live together, have a baby, dog, the whole shabang, but I’m still having trouble switching from viewing him as a boyfriend to my forever spouse, I think this would really show him I’m trying and be a great little reminder.

  25. Amanda Starr says:
  26. Husband Treats are too Cute~Thanks for the chance!

  27. Amanda Starr says:
  28. Amanda Starr says:
  29. Amanda Starr says:
  30. Amanda Starr says:
  31. Kimberly L says:

    I would get the husband treats – oh my these are funny. I need something to get him motivated ..

  32. I’d like the training treats for golfers. My retired dad’s whole life is golf.

  33. Amanda Starr says:
  34. Amanda Starr says:
  35. I would love the husband treat for him because he is a great guy who could never be replaced..

  36. Amanda Starr says:
  37. Angela Winesburg says:

    Training Treats for Husbands, so funny, thanks for the chance!

  38. I would get the husband treats!

  39. Training Treats for New Husbands, please! My dear friend, Mariah, is getting married and these would be the PERFECT shower gift!

  40. Ed Nemmers says:

    Boyfriends; they need it the most!

  41. Amanda Starr says:
  42. Amanda Starr says:
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