Wordless Wednesday: Snowman in Florida

One of the few ways you get to see a Snowman in Florida. At Disney World, of course.


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  1. Snow is one of the reasons I was excited to go to Ohio for Christmas. And, it snowed, but the kids don’t have any snow gear so we couldn’t play in it! LOL

  2. Yes, sadly that is a true Florida snowman. Sometimes they’re made of sand too. Hey, at least we don’t have to deal with inches of snowfall to be able to build a snowman, right? 😉

    I’ve got a Florida “ice skating” rink” posted for this week’s WW. Come check it out!

  3. Now that’s not something you see every day! 🙂

  4. LOL! Oh, to be there in the warm, cozy weather!

  5. How cool! Wearing shorts and playing with snowmen 🙂

  6. Great shot, but someone tell Disney his nose should be a carrot LOL

  7. What an awesome snowman!

  8. Very cute!!! Happy WW!

  9. love that picture with all in shorts and the good old snowman

  10. Great shot! Love the expressions!

  11. Yep, there’s not too much snow around him, lol!

  12. Oh to have the snowman. But I would rather have the relaxing in the shorts. We get plenty of snow up here.

  13. I have a picture of my youngest with a snowman at Disney Market Place…very cute.

  14. I’m up here in Pensacola, and we have plywood snowmen all over our beaches, LOL It’s a “white” Christmas… our sand is whiter than anywhere else in the country!! =)

  15. HA! aWESOME!

  16. That is one of my favorite places to take a pic!
    Happy WW!

  17. You should come visit us in IL – plenty of snow!

  18. so cute! hope you enjoyed your time at Disney!

  19. How fun! I had to giggle at the shorts and snowmen-I’m so jealous!

  20. I guess in Florida that would be the only place to see a snowman. Fun picture!

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