Baby Shower Games

I love baby showers, so I am very excited that my best friend is pregnant with her second child. I helped her mom with the first shower, sending out invites and organizing baby games. And I’ve also organized baby games for my sister. So, I decided to compile a list of my favorite games, for people who are also planning baby showers!

1. Pass the Gift Rhyme: This is the rhyme I used for my friend’s last shower. I put each individual rhyme on notecards. I let the mom-to-be shuffle all the cards, except for #1 and #11. Then I read the notecards in the order she gave them back to me, of course adding the first and last card back into the pile. The instructions in the rhyme will have them pass the gift around at random. The person holding it at the end gets to keep the prize.

  1. The news is out, she ‘s having a baby! To celebrate, this goes to this great lady! (Give the gift to someone random.)
  2. If someone wears a shirt with blue, she must take this gift from you. If blue cannot be seen, it goes to the one wearing green.
  3. I will now read another verse…please pass it to the one with the largest purse.
  4. There is no time to linger! The box goes to the one with most rings on her fingers!
  5. Ready for a task that’s not too hard? Pass it to the one who has the most credit cards!
  6. Alas, this gift is not for you. It now goes to the one with the largest shoe.
  7. Thank you for coming & to celebrate this good news. Now pass this gift to the person who sits to the left of you.
  8. Mommy is anxious. Daddy is nervous. Now pass this to the lady who drove the furthest.
  9. The suspense is almost too much to bear – pass it to the woman with the longest hair!
  10. We hope you all are having fun. We have tried to include most everyone. From the largest purse to the largest shoe, pass this gift to the right of you.
  11. We’re ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the prize you are holding is yours to take home!

2. Don’t Say Baby: This is one of my favorite games. I play it at every shower, since it is ongoing throughout the event and easy to play. First, every guest needs to get “something” to wear – like a ribbon with a tiny pacifier on it or a little pastel clothes-pin – you can find both the tiny pacifier and clothespins at party supply stores. Once everyone has an item, you tell them the rules.

  1. Don’t say “baby”
  2. If you say “baby” and someone catches you, they take all your pins/ribbons/etc.
  3. The person with the most pins/ribbons/etc. at the end wins a prize.

3. Measure the Mama: Pregnant moms hate this game. Guests love it. Give guests a chance to cut a ribbon that they think will fit the mom’s waist. The ribbon that is the closest to the pregnant mom’s belly circumference wins a prize.

4. My Water Broke: Get an icecube tray, fill it with water and place little plastic babies in the water, as well. Once frozen, there will be a baby per icecube. Give each guest a cube with a baby. The first one to free their baby, with their breath, hands, etc, and says, “My Water Broke” wins.

5. Nesting: I made this game up, perfect for an Easter-time baby shower. Have as many (or more) Easter Eggs as you have guests. Put a Prize Note in one of the egg. Everyone gets an egg. Use a sticker to “seal” the eggs to ensure there is no tampering, since guests can’t open it until a certain time. But – throughout the party they can TRADE eggs, steal unguarded eggs and take eggs whenever someone says “Baby”. The more eggs they hold onto, the better chance they’ll get the prize!

6.  Baby Shower MAD LIBS: Give each guest a sheet of paper with the words/adjectives/nouns/etc they need to fill in for the Mad Libs story. (Sheet can be downloaded here: BabyShowerMadLibs). Have them hand you the sheets so you can complete the story. Just shuffle the sheets they gave you and use their “answers” one-by-one to complete the story. For example, use the body part from person #1’s sheet, the location from person #2’s sheet and so-on. That way everyone contributes.

The very last thing fill-in that every guest needs to complete is their name. So when you fill in the last line of the story – it says “So, who’s going to have the next adventure? My sources say “Fill in the guest name”! But let’s start small and give them this prize instead!” So it is completely random who really wins that prize and everyone has a good laugh. Remember, you can download the Mad Lib-style story and Fill-in’s here: BabyShowerMadLibs.

Those are my favorite games! Feel free to share your game ideas, too, in the comments below.

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  1. These sounds fun! I have 4 pregnant friends right now so I’ll have to come back to this list when it comes to planning the shower!

  2. My favorite, favorite baby shower game of all time is “dont say baby”. I love it because it’s a great ice breaker, and it’s an ongoing activity that can keep the guests busy.

  3. These games are great, thanks!

  4. I really don’t know what happen in baby shower. But i read some articles and usually doing this baby shower is baby shower BINGO, bottle race and mommies tummies.
    Mickey Buarao

  5. I’m quite thrilled that I found your blog. I’m going to do some more browsing and try to be an active person with your various other members. I’m fired up to read more.

  6. While we’re on the subject of Baby Shower Games : The Mom Buzz, Bingo has been turned into an online game too.

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