Wordless Wednesday: Princesses at Disney

A friend was visiting the USA, so we had to show her DISNEY WORLD! She wanted to meet the Princesses, so we saw Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella at Toon Town. (You get to see them in a small, less crowded setting. Uber cool.) The boys were some of the few “Princes” there. All the princesses swore they were more charming than Prince Charming and Braver than Beast.

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  1. Glad your friend enjoyed the day ! They are right the boys are more charming LOL.

  2. Fun!

  3. I can’t wait to go to Disney!!

  4. Disney is always so fun!

  5. what a great picture

  6. My daughter wants to go and meet them

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. The picture is wonderful.

  8. great pic.

  9. It’s amazing how you wait in line now. Remember how when we were little you could just walk up and down Main Street and see all the characters from the movies?!

    • I know! I told my husband that … and he said there was always a line? I could swear I was just walking up to characters? Maybe I was just a rude little girl. LOL.

  10. Is Toon Town in Disney, or at the villages?

    Hope your friend had fun! I haven’t been in AGES, and need to go back!

    Happy WW!

    • It’s where Mickey and Minnie’s house are … in Disney World. You walk by the race track to get there. They also have a gated playground right across from Mickey’s House!

  11. what great fun! I am glad you got to take your friend!

  12. Great Picture. Looks like you guys were having fun.

    Happy WW!

  13. That will be a pic to display at those boys’ weddings! Ha!

  14. My daughter would go crazy!

  15. Oh how fun!

  16. I love how uninterested the boys are in the pic with the princesses! Too cute.

  17. I love the meet the Princess Place in Toon Town! We took my daughter last fall and even though she’s only a baby she looked like she was in heaven. It was so cute.

  18. How neat that it’s more of a private setting.

  19. My son loves the Princesses because they are real people and not someone with their head covered. He gets scared of the “characters”. I have a great picture of him with Ariel.

  20. How fun! I have never been yet.

  21. When my kids get a little older we are totally going to Disney World!! Lizzie wants to meet the princesses so badly 🙂 Great pics!

  22. My granddaughter is into all things Princesses. When she went to Disney World she got to go to the “Beauty Salon” there and they will set the hair like a princess….she loved every minute of it and seeing and having pictures with all the princesses there. Disney also has a thing where you can set up to have a Princess call your child at a particular time/day (such as wish them a Happy Birthday).

  23. Jessie C. says:

    Great pic! I missed having fun at Disney!

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