Lucky Dozen Donut

For a limited time through St. Patrick’s Day, Dunkin’ Donuts will offer the “Lucky Dozen” Donut, perfect for St. Patty’s day parties and celebrations.

The Lucky Dozen Donut is a raised yeast ring with chocolate icing topped with white and yellow sprinkles and green sprinkles shaped as clovers, with a suggested retail price of ONLY 89 cents.That’s an easy-on-the-wallet price for a lucky donut! Keep an eye out for it at your local DD!

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  1. Doreen R says:

    Oh wow. Thanks for letting me know. I love the little green clovers. Can’t wait to dig my teeth into lots.

  2. We get Gavin a donut like this on special occasions. He loves the strawberry topped ones! I bet he’d love this one with the clovers! Thanks for letting me know!

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