Star Wars Science: Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab

Whenever I walk through Toys R Us I see cool Star Wars products aimed at older children, like The Force Trainer – move objects with your mind! Or Darth Vader Robotic Arm – build, use and display a real robotic arm. There is a whole collection of these Star Wars Science “toys” from The prices for most of these toys is around $24.99. The Force Trainer is one of the coolest and priciest items at $99. But they also have a selection of smaller, just as cool toys for under $15! All of these toys combine science with Star Wars mania, making them fun, educational toys.

Toys under $15 make great birthday party gifts – for all those classmate parties your kids are invited to … and you know Star Wars is a huge choice of birthday theme for the 6 and older crowd. They can also be used to put in an Easter Basket, instead of candy, or as a stocking stuffer. For $12.99 you can choose a Clone Trooper Recon Kit or the Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab. Uncle Milton sent the Mom Buzz the Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab to have my nephew build, so he could learn about the science of light and optics as he builds his own mini version of the lightsaber used by Anakin Skywalker. Unfortunately, my sister was unable to bring my nephew by on the weekend, so I had my husband do it with my oldest son instead.

STAR WARS Science: Mini LightsaberTech Lab

Discover the science of light and optics as you build your own miniature, 8.25-inch-long version of the lightsaber used by Anakin Skywalker. Choose from four different colored crystals to customize your lightsaber. There are two lenses (focusing and wide-angle) to demonstrate the principles of optics. The 12-piece Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab is perfect for all aspiring Jedi Knights. Ages 6 and up. SRP: $12.99

I have to say BOTH of my sons were crazy about this lightsaber. The recommended age is 6 and up because it contains VERY small parts – the light saber crystals and lenses are about the size of my pinky nail. As much as my 2 year old wants this, I can’t give it to him because he will lose the parts since you can assemble and disassemble this lightsaber.

My oldest son is turning 4 in 2 more months. He was too young to assemble it completely, since it has 7 light saber parts, not including the lens or crystal. But he was able to help my husband assemble and make choices, like did he want the red, green, purple or blue crystal? And he can change the crystal and remove and replace the blade easily.

I made the choice between which lens to use. The Wide Angle Lens just seems to make the lightsaber glow better – but you be the judge when you get your mini lightsaber tech lab!

I think this is great practice for when we go to Hollywood Studios and let the boys make their own lightsaber for Star Wars Weekend!

The Force is Strong with this One.

The Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab comes with a little instruction sheet which explains about:

  • Lasers
  • Plasma
  • Lenses (convex and concave, used in the lightsaber)
  • Visible Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Also cool is that it incorporates Star Wars trivia, like which Jedis and Sith use certain lightsaber colors, the difference between Ilum crystals and synthetic crystals and the components of the hilt. This is the sort of stuff my kid just absorbs.

If you are wondering, my son’s first choice of color for the Light Saber was green (used by Yoda) and then purple (Mace Windu). He told me his little brother needed red (Sith). He absolutely loved this so much he slept with it and this  morning asked for it within minutes of waking up.

So as Master Yoda would say, “Size Matters Not.” This mini lightsaber tech lab will go over HUGE with your kids.


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