Bebe-O Vegan Prenatal Vitamins

Your child’s health is SO IMPORTANT. And caring for their health starts before they are even born – even before conception. Without a doubt, us moms and moms-to-be need to have a healthy body, full of the right minerals and vitamins to help our children develop properly from conception.

One of my biggest memories of how important that is was with a March of Dimes ad campaign where a LIVE stork was walking through an office building. He stops at one of the offices and peeks in at the woman sitting inside. The line was that you never know when the stork is going to deliver a surprise. So the idea is that the woman has a surprise pregnancy, was her body prepared? It was an ad campaign about the importance of Folic Acid.

If you aren’t taking vitamins ahead of time, then of course start once you find out you are pregnant! The truth is, most women are not getting all the nutrients they need from their daily meals – especially if they are craving Blizzard Milkshakes and McDonalds over Spinach & Chicken Salads and some brown rice. And it’s not just “traditional” eaters who have this problem – but vegans and vegetarians, as well.

One vitamin to consider, if you are either trying to conceive or have already become pregnant, is Bebe-O Prenatal Vitamins.These vitamins are developed so women of every lifestyle can take them without doubt.

Bebe-O vitamins have been registered by the Vegan Society as a Vegan Prenatal Vitamin. That means it contains all-natural vegan ingredients. There are no animal products or by-products – and the truth is, who wants some beef in their prenatal vitamin? It has what you need, which is a complete formula including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and digestive enzymes. There are NO artificial ingredients or allergens. It is safe for EVERY PREGNANCY.

For every bottle of bebe-O sold, a donation is made to Vitamin Angels- helping support Vitamin A deficient children under 5 yrs old worldwide.

After reading about Bebe-O’s natural prenatal vitamins, I found a lot of features I like.

1. No Allergens

2. No Artificial Ingredients

3. No Animal Products or By-Products

4. Complete Formula, everything a pregnant woman needs

5. 4 small capsules to take, rather than 1 – 2 gigantic pills – makes it easier to swallow!

6. Gluten Free

7. 600 mg of Folic Acid

8. Offers morning sickness relief – the formula incorporates digestive enzymes AND ginger root which have been proven to help aid digestion.

Bebe-O and the Mom Buzz are so sure that pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive will benefit from Bebe-O that we are giving away 1 free bottle of vegan prenatal vitamins.


Win 1 Free Bottle of Bebe-O Prenatal Vitamins ($38 Value)

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don’t forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products! The Mom Buzz was compensated by Bebe-O for this promotion.
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    I learned that Bebe-O is made with 40+ Whole Food ingredients and do not contain any animal products…THANK GOD!

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    I learned that Bebe-O’s vitamins aren’t huge impossible to swallow pills. They split the daily dosage into 4 smaller capsules.

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    I learned that it is guaranteed to relieve morning sickness.

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  22. I’m currently on prenatals.
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