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For about a year now I’ve heard the buzz about PowerMat. My husband had an iPhone and we had a few iPods floating around, so I was interested in how you can charge multiple devices and only use one outlet. Then it happened … I got an iPhone, too. And I have to say, I am in LOVE with it. I’ve had it for about 8 months and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had, really allowing me to stay connected through IMs, photos, social networks … and of course conversation. But now there always seemed to be an iPod or iPhone charging SOMEWHERE in the house.

The PowerMat has completely simplified our iLifestyle. I plugged in the PowerMat on my dresser. The black color completely matches my black dresser, so it blends in rather than cluttering it. We put an iPhone Receiver on my husband’s phone, which acts as a case as well to protect the phone from damage/ being banged around. And trust me – you want a case on your iPhone! I had a regular case (not a sturdy PowerMat phone case) on mine and it cracked – which is a bummer. But if the case didn’t crack, it would have been my phone. Cases are important. Cases that allow an iPhone to charge just by setting it down on a PowerMat are insanely cool and easy.

Now, if you are ATTACHED to the case your iPhone does have, you can simply charge your iPhone using the PowerCube Universal Receiver. This is a white cube that has a whole bunch of end pieces that match it up with different electrical devices. I was using that with my iPhone until my cool case cracked. Then I started using the sleek, professional looking iPhone Receiver/Case.

So here is the down and dirty of what the PowerMat is and how it works. The PowerMat plugs into your wall socket and with that one electrical socket being used, you can charge up to 3 devices. There are two PowerMats available that charge 3 devices at a time, a sleek desk top model and a roll-able Portable Mat that comes with a carrying case. They both costs $99 – I would suggest the Portable one. You can also purchase a 2x PowerMat (charge 2 wireless devices – $79.99) or simply get the wireless kit to charge 1 iPhone ($69.99)

You NEED a receiver of some sort to allow your electrical devices to work with the PowerMat. The receiver case for the iPhone is $39.99. It snaps around your iPhone, giving it a “bumper” in the front and completely covered in the back. It has a section on the bottom that inserts into your iPhone, charging it when simply placed on the mat. Other receivers are available for other electronic devices, like docks for the iPod, receivers for Blackberrys and a back panel for Nintendo DS. And don’t forget, the PowerCube Universal Receiver, which is included with the Portable Powermat, has 8 “tips” that let it work with a lot of GPS’s, Bluetooth headsets, PSPs, Samsung phones, etc.

If you have three devices that need charging, you are likely going to spend at least $99 on the Desktop or Portable PowerMat, spend between $60 to $80 on two additional receivers, and then use the included Powercube Universal Receiver. So it would be between $159 – $179 to get properly set up charging your devices. That said, iPhone owners, college students, as well as parents of kids with iPods, Nintendo DS’s and PSPs, are going to love that they don’t have random electronic devices charging EVERYWHERE in a tangle of cords. This is a cool, practical gadget that makes a great gift – and Christmas IS just around the corner. You can even gift it as a graduation gift … or a “have fun in college” gift!

See it in action:

Overall, the PowerMat works great. It charges up our wireless devices without a problem, battery life is great after charges, charges quickly and all we have to do is drop our phones and go.  It’s just AWESOME! Completely buzzworthy. Absolutely love it.


WINTMBWin a Portable PowerMat ($99 Value) and your choice of Receiver. So, the winner will get 1 Receiver, a Portable Mat, Power Supply, Travel Case and Universal Receiver.

FIRST: MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit PowerMat and tell me what device you want to charge with it.


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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. The Mom Buzz was not compensated for this buzz. The Mom Buzz was provided with Portable Powermat and iPhone Receivers to review. PowerMat will handle prize fulfillment. And don’t forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!
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