Tips to Impress at Your High School Reunion #win

It’s been years since you’ve shared a cafeteria with the jocks, cheerleaders, straight A students, goths and preppys. Ten years later, your high school reunion has arrived and you’re on edge. Sure you have the degree and the great job but the voyage through the ‘real world’ has left you less like the girl they’d remember from the yearbook photos. Or maybe you just want to look 100x better THAN the girl they remember. Well, here are five Kymaro products that will transform your look and leave your former classmates speechless:

1. You don’t have to come from Jersey to have a bronzed tan. The Kymaro Sunless Tanning System allows you to have that “look at me” glow the healthy way. Available from for $39.90 (monthly supply).

2. Are you concerned about ten pounds that you can’t shake off? You can shed the appearance of every ounce of worry with the Kymaro Body Shaper, which trims and slims in all the right places. Available from for $39.95.

3. You’ve slipped on your best dress but lifting your bust is a must. Use the Kymaro Bust Up Cups to give yourself an instant lift minus the surgery. Available from for $19.95. That’s about $7,980.05 cheaper than breast augmentation!

The Magic of Bust-Up Cups

4. If you’re going as a single woman, you may be yearning to see how some maturity has enhanced those guys in your class. In minutes you can be batting long lashes thank to the the Kymaro Glamour Eyes Eyelash Extension Kit, drawing unforgettable focus to your eyes. One bat of these lashes and the guy of your choice will be hooked! Available from for $39.95 (NOW ON SALE FOR $19.95!). A set will last a LONG TIME – many uses, not just one.

5. It’s the afternoon of your reunion and upon looking in the mirror you realize that there is a buildup of unsightly hair on your upper lip. Being that you’ll be doing a lot of socializing, you’ll need to get rid of it and fast. The Kymaro Rollaway Facial Hair Threader will allow you to erase any signs of hair growth on your face, within minutes. It’s quick, painless, and will save you some money. Available from for $9.95.

These tips are provided from Kymaro! I skipped my High School Reunion – “just-had-a-baby” syndrome. But no reason you have to with great products like these – and a whole bunch more at – to help you look your best ANY day!


The Giveaway: Three lucky buzz readers will win a Kymaro Sunless Tanning System, Kymaro Body Shaper, Kymaro Bust Up Cups, Kymaro Glamour Eyes Eyelash Extension Kit, and Kymaro Rollaway Facial Hair Threader. Each pack is a $150 Value!

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