VTech Connect-to-Cell – Connecting your Cell Phone to your Home Phone

Around Father’s Day I started hearing the buzz about VTech’s Connect-to-Cell home communication system. A phone that connects with your cell! How cool! I was itching to try it, see if it lived up to my expectations. And I have to say – of every home phone I’ve ever tried, this is my all-time favorite.

First off, it’s sleek. The handsets are lightweight and slim. The bases fit any decor, hardly drawing attention to themselves … until they ring. It has caller ID, large display that is backlit, and a digital answering machine built-in. And of course you can store oft-used numbers in its digital directory.  And I love the handset speakerphones, which I often use when doing laundry. But what really makes it fantastic?


Yes, if your cellphone has Bluetooth capabilities, you can sync it with the Connect-to-Cell. Once they are synced up, any call to your cell phone can be answered by any of the handsets in the house. AMAZING. And you can still accept calls to your landline, as well. If a call comes in via your cellphone, when you pick up the handset you will see the “cell” button lit up. Just push it to answer the call. If it’s your landline that’s receiving the call, you answer via the “home” button.

And that’s not all, you can also make calls THROUGH your cellphone using the landline. So I can pick up my landline, click the “cell” button and then dial whomever I want to call.

You can have your Connect-to-Cell have the same ring if someone calls your cell or landline – or you can choose to have different ring tones. I chose 2 different ring tones, with 10 to choose from.


Home phones are just more comfortable, in my opinion. Especially the VTech Handsets. And they sound clearer. I have less static using the Connect-to-Cell, because I am not walking around my house with the cell phone – in and out of “hot spots”. Instead my cell phone is stationary and already well connected to the Connect-to-Cell. So I can walk around with my Connect-to-Cell handset and have a nice, clear call without dropping the conversation.

You can pair up to 4 cell phones. (Two cell phones can be “active” with the Connect-to-Cell at one time.) Pairing up my cell phone to the phone was easy. First you have to work from the VTech handset, following the instructions to locate your cell. Then you turn on your cell and follow it’s directions to locate a BlueTooth device. Then within a few seconds (although it can take up to a minute) they will connect. It was the easiest Bluetooth connection my cell phone ever did! Once connected, you return the handset to the base and you will get both cell phone calls and landline calls through the VTech Connect-to-Cell.

You can download your cell phone directory to your VTech. It holds four directories, each with 1,500 entries. If you want to make a call from one of your downloaded numbers, you just choose that directory in advance, select the number and push the “cell” button to dial.


Part of the beauty of the Connect-to-Cell is you don’t need a landline to use it. So you can have the convenience of a home communication system with just your cell service. I tried it out myself, unplugging my landline from the phone. Then I made and received calls using the Connect-to-Cell handsets  just by the connection with my cellphone. That makes this perfect for people who don’t have a landline and people who are thinking of giving up their land line to cut costs.


  • Moms will love that there is a “locate handset” ring. I use that ALL THE TIME.
  • Moms will love that it TALKS. When someone calls, it will TELL you who’s calling. So if you are busy with another task, you know if you have to run to the phone.
  • Moms will love that they can teach they child one less number to call in an emergency.
  • Moms will love how they only need to pass out one number to schools, doctors and other moms.
  • Moms will love that they can save money by disconnecting their landline, if they so choose.
  • Moms will love the convenience of a complete home communication system.
  • Moms will love that the phones can be used as an intercom to reach members of the family around the house.
  • Moms will love built-in Caller ID, no wasting time on unwanted phone calls.


My husband loves this phone, because he says the landline is just for me. I receive calls from my mom, sister and 2 friends through it. I also use that number for some reward programs (you know they always ask for your number), the doctor and school. But all I have to do is tell everyone to use my cell phone number from now on. It will actually be easier, because no one will second guess what number will reach me best. Should school call my cell or home first? Doesn’t matter, because they can now reach me at one number. And I can have convenience of picking up the call from any room in the house.



The three handset V-Tech Connect-to-Cell phone system is available for $99.95. There are other options, from 1-handset to 8-handsets. You can see the entire collection here: Connect-to-Cell Phone Systems


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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. The Mom Buzz received the phone above to review. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don’t forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!
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  1. Ok, you sold me! I totally want that system! My cell has barely any reception at my house. I have to stand in one place to talk and it drives me nuts! I will definitely look into getting it.

    • Paula,

      Awesome! I LOVE it!

      BTW, I sent you an e-mail. I hope it reached you okay? (I know you are probably swamped with summer fun like me! LOL!)

      Happy Buzzing,

      Erin T.

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