Bamboo Capture Touch Tablet & the Anime Studio Debut 8.1 Upgrade

Bamboo CaptureTouch Tablet & the Anime Studio Debut 8.1 Upgrade

So recently I reviewed Anime Studio Debut 8, which is a great beginner animation program. It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create cool animations to create your own Jib-Jab-like animations. And it only retails for $49.99! You can download a free 30 day trial, too. Well, recently they offered an 8.1 upgrade to allow it to work with Bamboo Multi-Touch tablets.

This upgrade helps digital artists and animators speed up design time and make the entire process smoother. Use simple finger taps and finger gestures to create and adjust characters, objects and scenes, zoom in and out of the canvas, drag and drop, rotate and scale and much more.

I did the upgrade to work with the Wacom Bamboo Capture ($99.95 USD) and found it easy to manipulate the tools and characters. Since I am a beginner with Anime Studio Debut 8, I could easily work from my laptop or the Bamboo Capture seamlessly. It helps that I have over a decade of computer experience, so I am used to using a variety of tools to manipulate tools and screens.

When I had my 6 year old try to use the Bamboo Capture, he had more trouble manipulating the tools. In the end, I think the 8.1 upgrade that allows the Bamboo Capture to be used with Anime Studio Debut 8 is best suited for “older” users, and by that I mean ‘tweens on up. Meanwhile, the Anime Studio Debut 8 itself is great for an even younger crowd, I suggest 8 years on up. That said, my 6 year old is able to make simple animations with my supervision.

More about the Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch
When I connect my Bamboo Capture to the computer via the USB cord, it automatically starts up. You write on the touch pad to have access to a library of apps that you can download for quick use. They have three categories of apps:

  • Create: editing, making animations, etc.
  • Play: games
  • Use: integrate the Bamboo tablet with day-to-day functions on your computer

For the most part, I don’t have too much use for games. I want to create and make the most of my tablet. But what I LOVE about the games is they get you used to using and drawing on the tablet. So what seems like a way to pass time, are actually fun lessons in using the tablet. My FAVORITE game for this purpose is Free the Bird. This game has you draw shapes that a ball will bounce off of. Your goal is to make the ball bounce off the shapes and hit a cage that has a parrot in it. That will cause the cage the open and the bird to be free. I have my 6 year old play this game to understand the tablet more.

Under the Create category, I’ve downloaded and enjoyed Philter (quick photo editor, reminiscent of Instagram or Camera + options on the iPhone) and Animator (just quick animations with a few background choices. Down and dirty animations, similar to what you can do on the LeapPad or Leapster Explorer with Mr. Pencil). There is also Montemarte, which you upload a photo and can give it fun, colorful edits. But really, I don’t have too much use for highlighting hair with neon colors. I prefer the more sophisticated options that Philter offers.

Under the Use category, I’ve downloaded Input Panel, Handwriting recognition. I can actually “write” on the tablet and it will turn it into typed text on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Type or write-whatever your preference.

Just push insert once you are done writing using the Bamboo. I WROTE the above with the pen and it turned it into that nice handwriting and then I pushed insert to get it into this post. Cool, right?

You might also want to upload Bamboo Paper, which is a note taker using your own handwriting. You can save notes as PDFs, erase, use a variety of pen and colors, bookmark pages, etc.

All the apps mentioned above are free.

The Bamboo Capture comes with a “pen” and a USB cord to connect it to the computer. It also included a full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements, which I ADORE. It’s the best photo editing software. Additional software is Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 WE3 and Autodesk Sketchbook Express. You can set the Bamboo Capture for either right hand or left hand use.

There is also a Bamboo Create available, which has a larger digital canvas. It’s MSRP is $199. You can purchase the Bamboo Capture and Create tablets on the Wacom site, as well as on Amazon.


Bamboo Capture$99 on Wacom and I saw it for $88 on Amazon last week.

Bamboo Create$199 on Wacom and I saw it for $65 on Amazonlast week.

Anime Studio Debut 8 – $49.99 and available at

Upgrade Anime Studio Debut 8.1 by visiting

This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don’t forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products! The Mom Buzz was not compensated for this buzz. The Mom Buzz did receive the Bamboo Capture to use for the 8.1 Upgrade of Anime Studio Debut.




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