It’s Potty Time! {Potty Training is Easier with Potty-Themed Videos & Free Potty Training App}

My shorty when Potty Training

One thing that parents both are eager to begin, but fear the process, is Potty Training. I know that when I started Potty Training my oldest son I was wondering how successful we’d be, but I went in “pretending” that success was right around the corner. And in my arsenal I had tips from my sister who potty trained my niece successfully, before she turned 2. My son was in underwear at his second birthday.

And seventeen months later, I took on the challenge of Potty Training my second son. This time the process was even quicker, and I had a second son in underwear by his second birthday. With my success in Potty Training two boys before they were 24 months old, I wrote an article for called Ten Tips for Potty Training Boys. I specified boys for two reasons. One – I never potty trained girls. Two  – there is a “myth” that boys are harder to train, but I haven’t found it to be true between my boys and their friends. Although truthfully, I believe all my tips can be utilized for Potty Training girls, sans the learning to pee standing up.

That said, number THREE on my list of Potty Training Tips was to utilize Potty Training videos.

Stock up on your library. There is a wide array of options out there. You can purchase potty training books and videos online or even borrow them from the library.

Now, I am past potty training kiddos, unless my husband and I have “number three”. But new videos have been coming out to the marketplace that you can add to your Potty Training video library. One such video is Potty Time, filmed by Two Little Hands Productions. If their name sounds familiar, they are the same production company that developed the much-acclaimed Signing Time, which is aired on Nick Jr and public television.

Potty Time preview from Signing Time.

Potty Time is designed for children between the ages of 1 and 5 and will work with a myriad of potty training techniques. The video won’t teach your child to Potty Train just by watching it, but I find that videos like these do help children make that association a little easier. Especially when done in a fun way that combines music and videos.

Potty Time teaches about the body and the potty process through 9 songs. They work seamlessly from one to another, thanks to Potty Time host Rachel Coleman. It uses a combination of live action, real children in a studio and, of course, Rachel signing and singing. As you watch the video the first time, keep in mind that she’s working towards the more specific potty talk – she doesn’t just jump in. The Potty Dance (track 4 or 13) is when they really get to using the potty, wiping, flushing and washing hands.

What Makes Potty Time Different than other Videos?

What makes Potty Time unique is that it also incorporates signing into the video. Many of my mom friends taught their children how to sign when they were infants and toddlers, so this video would appeal to them. And the signing also makes this video wonderful for our youngest potty trainers, who may be too young to use specific potty words but can learn the signs to signal they have to use the potty. Potty Time teaches MANY different potty signs, including Potty, Grow, Clean, Help, Flush, Body, Wash Hands and many more. I also like that it can make a potty conversation more “private”. Rather than your child having to say, “I have to pee/poo” – they can now give the sign for it.


Although I suggest adding the video to your library, Potty Time also has additional support available. Here is the full line of products available to you.

  • Potty Time DVD: This DVD shows music videos with real people and animated characters that help children feel good about growing up and trying something new – using the potty! Hosted by Emmy-nominated Rachel Coleman. 30 minutes, includes special features. Overall, the DVD is a great mix of signs, songs, animation and live action. It’s fast-paced, so it’s easy for kids and adults to watch.
  • Potty Time Music CD: The Potty Time CD features 9 original songs, with a sing-along track for each! That is 18 tracks in all. These playful and positive songs help children feel good about their bodies and celebrate successes of any kind. This comes with the Potty Time DVD! Potty Time Theme, Look at You Grow, My Body is Amazing, Potty Dance, I Wash My Hands, Stop What You’re Doing (and Go), Uh-Oh Accident, Let’s Celebrate, Shining Star.
  • Potty Time Reminder Watch: Never forget a potty reminder again! The colorful potty watch with timer uses music and blinking lights to remind your child that it’s time to go! Encourage independence by setting reminders at 30, 60, or 90-minute intervals. Includes 2 AG-13 button cell batteries. Suggested for ages 18 months and up.

Products are available in packs. You can purchase the Potty Time DVD & CD pack for $24.95. They come in the same case. You can also get the Potty Time DVD, Music CD and Reminder Watch together for $29.95.

Potty Time Website: This website provides free downloads to help you and your child become successful during the potty training journey. Downloads include charts, certificates, and flash cards.

Potty Time Blog: This interactive blog site is the place to go to get information about potty training. Topics include: potty training
children with special needs, when to start potty training, motivating your child with rewards, and more!

*FREE *Potty Time App: The Potty Time app for Android and IOS helps parents motivate their child with a virtual sticker chart, calls from Rachel to say “Good job!” or “Try again. You can do it!”, and printable charts, and certificates.

To learn more about Potty Time, visit From there you can purchase products, read additional reviews and connect with Potty Time on Facebook.

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