LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman JetSki #30160

Just a few years ago LEGO had LEGO Batman available. I thought my son was too young to enjoy the sets at the time, so I didn’t buy them. And by the time he really got into LEGOs, the LEGO Batman theme was off the shelves and selling for $$$ on Amazon. I felt bad about it, but luckily there were plenty of other themes my boys loved to build. (LEGO City and LEGO Star Wars was usually top of their list back then.)

But I am THRILLED that they brought back Batman in the DC Universe set of LEGOs. And my boys have NO CLUE that two sets of LEGO DC Universe are actually sitting in my closet, waiting for Santa to deliver them for Christmas. (Three sets of LEGO Marvel are also sitting in the closet … waiting!)

So when the boys go to the store right now, I usually steer them to other themes for small prizes and rewards. For example, we are super excited to be building LEGO Monster Fighters. But the other day I let each boy choose a small reward from Toys R Us and my 6 year old chose LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman Jetski #30160.

You won’t find the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman Jetski #30160 on the normal shelves, it’s on the end of a row in a basket at Toys R Us and probably in the holiday section at Target. These are bagged LEGOs, not boxed. It cost me only $4.99, which is not bad for a small LEGO set that comes with a much-coveted Batman MiniFigure.

The Batman Minifigure is two-faced, so you can turn his head around depending on his mood. And like most licensed LEGOs, he is peach colored, not yellow. To assemble you put together his cape, legs, torso, head and helmet. His Jet Ski is comprised of 35 pieces, the whole set is 40 pieces. It came with one extra yellow round piece. The Jetski has movable fins on either side and can shoot missiles from each side. Its easy to shoot. The steering wheel on the jetski moves up and down and you can position Batmans hands on it.

My son built the set quickly and by himself. The LEGO instructions were easy to follow for a 6 year old. It’s suggested for ages 5 – 12.

I suggest this set if:

  • You want a Batman Minifigure for less than you can buy it on Amazon;
  • To give your child as a reward for behavior, grades, etc.
  • As an affordable surprise in the store (what I did)
  • As an affordable gift idea for a child’s birthday
  • To put aside as a stocking stuffer or for an Easter Basket

Overall, a great set and even I am excited we own it!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don’t forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products! The Mom Buzz was not compensated for this buzz. The MomBuzz purchased this set as a surprise for her son and wanted to share a very affordable way to get your hands on a Batman minifigure.




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