Second Chance Toys: Land of Misfit Toys?

Right about now is when I am already 3/4’s done with my Christmas planning. From where we will be spending Christmas Day to dishes we’ll be serving. From volunteering at the school to donating toys at the church. And I even know (mostly) what Santa will be bringing my children.

The thing is, Santa is generous. And to make room for new toys, we do have to say bye to the toys my children have outgrown, the ones on our personal Island of Misfit Toys. What to do with them? Give them to a friend? Sell them on Craig’s List? Well, in the holiday spirit, I say let’s do what King Moonracer did and help these toys find new homes for the holidays.

There is a charitable organization called Second Chance Toys that rescues thrown away plastic toys, cleans them and then redistributes them to children in need. This small organization has redistributed more than 100,000 toys throughout the northeast – all through the grassroots efforts of teenager, Sasha Lipton and parents.

They accept all toy donations. Toy donations can come from:

Do you have toys that need to be loved again? Help them get off the Island of Misfit Toys into homes with children that will cherish them.

1. See a good, in-shape toy on a curb? Many people do this with large items, simply because their child outgrew it. If you can, take it, clean it and include it as a donation for a child in need.

2. Look in your own closets. Right now is when many parents are looking to make room for toys for our fortunate children. Donating the older toys to Second Chance Toys will give them a chance to be “loved” again.

Types of toys: Second Chance Toys accepts plastic toys that are clean, are in working order, and have no missing parts.

To get started, first check to see if there is a Drop-Off location near you. If not, feel free to start you own collection. Schools, friends, businesses, mom’s meet-ups can all feel good about making a big impact in children’s lives. Once 50+ toys are collected, Second Chance Toys will help you arrange for them to be dropped off at a local organization.

If you are not sure where to get started, Second Chance’s Getting Started Kit has all the information you need. It even includes media coverage tips and resources.

To get started with your own Second Chance collection, start by asking local friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and play dates if they can find some toys they want to donate pre-holidays. You can also mobilize your church, school, or a local company like your bank, workplace, library, or gym to become a toy drop off point in December and April when SCT holds their drive, contact them at This feel-good campaign will be easier than you think!

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