Run For Your Lives #weARErunningfromzombies


So I ran my first 5K last week – Run For Your Lives. It was not just my first 5k, it was also my first obstacle course (with mud) and the opportunity to run from zombies.

Don’t think you have to be the most athletic to get through the 3.1 mile course – it is a mixture of athleticism, determination and luck, just like a real zombie apocolypse!

Every 30 minutes a new wave of runners is let loose, to keep from stampeding each other. They each wear a belt with three flags on it. The zombies job is to get all three of your flags.

There are various zombie-filled zones that you have to get through, along with a few different obstacles. None of the obstacles in our Clermont, FL location were terribly difficult – there were some sand dunes, sand hills, an electricity filled shack, some crawling in muddy water under barbed wire, crawling under an electric face, crawling through hurdles, a few low walls and a water slide.

For us it was the never-ending zombie zones that killed my husband and me. You have some zombies that just lunge for you, other that try their fullest to chase you down, sprinting right behind you. Some do surprise attacks from bushes, just when you think you are safe. It was a lot of fun!

At the end, everyone gets a medal. If you “survive” you are eligible for an award.

Some people in the early waves complained that the morning zombies were too exuberant. But that’s the point – you have to strategize even what time you are planning to run! The later waves had more people in them – so if you like those odds, go for it! Other people complained that they didn’t have enough flags or that zombies should give them more chances per mile – but what is the fun in that? There is no RUSH to get through each zone then. And yes, if you lose all your flags, then you lose the urge to run. But my husband and I just held hands and enjoyed the course (and looked for a health pack).

Yes, there are “rumors” that there are health packs somewhere in the course, but my husband and I never found one. No one we met found one. So my one suggestion to Run For Your Lives would be to have more packs available, because we would have run again if we found one! Maybe even have a VERY DIFFICULT challenge midway to earn more lives.

Some things to expect, besides mud and running like mad. First, if you don’t keep your flags to the side you may be “touched” on the butt or crotch as zombies lunge. They tell you to keep your flags to the side when you race, but some people try that alternate placing thinking zombies wont go for it – they do! Second, even if your flags are placed you may be touched because zombies are lunging and you are running and twisting, who knows what will happen. I got slapped in the but once by a FEMALE zombie so I know it wasn’t intentional – she just leaped too late and I got ahead of where she was grabbing. We both laughed it off. And third, there will be injuries. I accidentally ran over another runner as we all were dashing around. He fell from the left hand side right in front of me and I never had a chance to slow down to keep from running into him. And my husband went down when a zombie was chasing him PLUS accidentally ran into a zombie who dashed in front of him to get to me. It just happens, which is why medics are on hand for any serious injuries.

But overall, I loved it. RunForYourLives actually got me to train and start running, which I discovered I LOVE. And now I am training for my next obstacle event – Tough Mudder!

So, if you like zombies, obstacles and running – or just zombies – give this 5K a try! For a list of coming event dates visit here: RunForYourLives Near You.

This is solely a peek in the life of Erin T. Other people may have different experiences with running. And don’t forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products! The Mom Buzz was not compensated for this buzz.

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