iPhone Tips: From Bandwith to Selling

It seems likeĀ  I am always learning something about my iPhone or iPhones in General. I wanted to share some tips that I’ve learned along the way to help you enjoy your iPhone even more.

  • openappsIf you want to lower your bandwidth usage, so that you don’t need to go to a higher data usage plan then update your apps when you are using WiFi, not the 3G or 4G network. Also, my husband andĀ  use a free iPhone app called Onavo Extend which make your data usage up to five times more efficient. It compresses your data by routing it through Onavo’s servers and stripping out the extras.
  • Addicted to e-mail? I know I am, but turn off the “push” options on e-mail. If you only check when on WiFi, you’ll lower your data consumption. And even if you check while on the network, not using push will still save data usage AND battery life since it isn’t constantly looking for e-mail updates. In fact, turn off all push notifications to save data usage.
  • Try using mobile websites. I used to find them annoying, since they weren’t the “same” layout that I am used to on a computer. But mobile websites save on data usage. Now, most sites are pretty good about redirecting you to mobile versions. But if not, try tagging an “m.” to the beginning of a website name. Not all sites have a mobile version, but I am sure more will make the switch to keep us viewing their sites on the go!
  • Is your iPhone running slow? You might actually have lots of apps running in the background, because pressing the home button doesn’t really turn them off. Instead fully exit the app by pressing the home button twice to bring up the task bar. Next, hold your finger on one of the apps that shows up. They will jiggle and have a minus sign. Touch the minus sign and they will close completely and free up memory.
  • Finally, when upgrading your current iPhone to the newest model, don’t leave your old one collecting dust in a drawer. Instead, sell your iphone and use that extra money to buy your new model a protective case (we love Otterbox), iPhone accessories, or even put it towards the purchase of that new iPhone! Plus, selling your iPhone is the equivalent of recycling your iPhone – so you can be green for the environment and add some green to your wallet!

Do you have any tips to get the most out of your iPhone? Share in a comment below!


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