Book Review: SHRED The Revolutionary Diet

With my interest in all things lean, strong and fast, I agreed to check out the newly published SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet. It’s by Dr. Ian K. Smith, who also wrote The Fat Smash Diet. The plan in this book is designed to help followers lose 4 inches and 2 sizes in 6 weeks.

shredThus far, the book and Ian are getting a lot of praise. Shred is intended to help people who have plateaued in their weight loss goals. Via Twitter you can read the tweets of thousands of success stories, people losing 5 pounds in a week, giving the plan 110% and praising Dr. Ian as a miracle worker.

SHRED implements all of Dr. Ian’s strategic dieting tools into one plan. It combines a low glycemic index diet, meal spacing, meal replacing, and diet confusion (for your body, not your mind!)

The book is divided into 6 weeks,a long with recipes for snacks, smoothies, protein shakes, stew and soups. It also explains the SHRED concept and why it works.

Even though it is “The Revolutionary Diet“, it does count on the reader combining proper eating techniques, meals and exercise together for a recipe of success. But it is VERY detailed, all do-able and I pretty much do a lot of it already. But if you feel lost on how to eat, how to exercise, etc., then this is very well organized. Plus, the menu is “normal food” that you can pick up at pretty much any grocery store.

The book is divided into 6 week cycles. You may be done after 6 weeks, but you should still follow the general guidelines to maintain your figure. The 6 weeks are Prime, Challenge, Transformation (where most people see the most change), Ascend, Cleanse, Explode (exploding you into a new lifestyle!)

In the end, don’t concentrate on pounds lost. Pounds tell you nothing. That’s why right on the cover the book says 6 weeks, 4 inches and 2 sizes. Look for those changes in how your body looks and how your clothes fit. In fact, consider taking weekly progress pictures ALONG WITH a weekly weigh-in to really see how Dr. Ian can help you transform your eating habits and your body.

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 TheMomBuzz received SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet for review. This is solely her opinion. Other people may have different experiences with this program.
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