Snow Mountain, Georgia – Christmas

February last year my sister went on an impromptu trip to Stone Mountain, GA to experience their Snow Mountain activities. She asked if we’d join her, but I am more of a planner than a spur-of-the-moment kinda gal. But the trip sounded like so much fun that I started saving for our own Snow Mountain vacation for the end of the year.

snowmountainNow, to me there are three options for Stone Mountain. You can go during the Spring or Summer to experience their sunny activities, like Geyser Towers Rope Bridges, Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard and of course the Summit Skyride to the top of Stone Mountain. You can go during their Snow Mountain days and take advantage of Tube Runners, Avalanche Alley and the Snow Zone. Or you can do what we did and experience their Stone Mountain Christmas! Stone Mountain Christmas is full of shows, a twinkling Wonderland Walkway, the Polar Express 4-D experience, a sing-along Christmas Train ride and more.


The weekend before Christmas, which also happens to be my youngest’s birthday, we went to Stone Mountain to experience both their Snow Mountain activities, plus a Stone Mountain Christmas. We chose to stay at  Stone Mountain Inn, which is right across from Stone Mountain. Seriously, you walk out of the front of the Inn and there is the Mountain across the street. We stayed two night and bought into the Stay for Breakfast deal. I think it saved us $20 on the buffet breakfast both mornings, totally worth it. Plus, the food was excellent! I had the pancakes, bacon and eggs both mornings, with coffee and stolen sips from my husband’s OJ. A girl can get used to that. My oldest loved the fresh fruit. My youngest hit up the cereal bar. Both of them liked the donuts. And my husband ate a little of everything, I think! The rooms IN the INN were FABULOUS. HUGE! Better than Disney. Probably 5 times the size of a Disney hotel at 1/2 the price. It had comfortable couches, a mini fridge, nice bathroom area, dressers, etc. We were not cramped or crowded at all, with 4 of us sharing a room. I highly suggest it.


For the entertainment, we really only had ONE FULL DAY to enjoy both Stone Mountain Christmas and Snow Mountain. I did the Family Combo Pack which had both of those combined in one sweet deal, $53.25 per person.


When you purchase your Snow Mountain tickets, you reserve a 2-hour time slot for tubing. I reserved the 10am – noon slot. I wish I reserved the FIRST TIME SLOT, because they had the least amount of overlapping of people. Because every hour one group would leave and the next group would start. We ended up doing single tubing twice and family tubing twice. But it was a blast and my husband made it completely too the end and hit the bounce wall at the end. Me and the kids never got that far.

He made this video, though, which showcases a lot of our tubing fun:

The Snow Mountain pass also gave us all day access to the Snow Play area. The snow wasn’t good for snowmen that day, but the boys did a lot of mini tubing while we waiting for access to the tubing session. It was good prep for them, in my opinion. And just an FYI, you need to rent a locker for bags, scarves, etc. before going tubing.  It was maybe 50 cents for one time use.


snowamgelFirst, the Christmas Adventure Passes gave us four meal tickets, four hot chocolates and 4 cups for unlimited refills. That was AWESOME. It was nice not reaching into our pocket to pay for all of these things.

There is so much to do for Christmas, that we just didn’t manage to fit it all in. Plan to get to shows 15 minutes early and the line for The Gift Train Ride was INSANE. Things we experienced and loved were:

Toyrific: Toys come to life to save Christmas in this show! We loved the Super Heroine doll and the toy robot. They sing, dance and the whole performance was AWESOME. I’d see this one again.

Forever Christmas: This was fun to watch for the first time. I’d choose another show over this one next time, just because I want to experience more of the events and it’s hard to fit EVERYTHING in one night. But it was fun listening to a mix of Christmas songs from the past and present. The performers were excellent.

Wonderland Walkway: This is a little walkway that twinkles from top to bottom as you walk through. Honestly, the whole park was beautifully decorated at night. All the building were lit up… very magical!

The Polar Express 4-D Experience: They take snippets of the movie and you get to experience it through a mix of 4-D effects and 3-D glasses. The kids loved it – it’s the best Polar Express experience I’ve experienced!

Christmas Parade: Honestly, I am used to the Disney parades which are SPECTACULAR. In comparison, this one was quaint. I do wish my kids got more high-fives from the few characters that went by. But it was a small, sweet, quick parade – grab a seat and enjoy it.

stonemountainSummit Skyride: This is a Stone Mountain attraction that was made available to Christmas ticket holders. It was fun riding the Swiss Cable Car to the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain was cold in December, too cold for my oldest. But my youngest wanted to hike back down the mountain – he LOVED it.

What we weren’t able to do in JUST ONE DAY, although I plan to go back and see them are: Antebellum Plantation (which is a Stone Mountain Park attraction), as well as The Gift (the train ride with the LONG line), Mistletales, Visit with Santa (which I didn’t mind missing since we already saw Santa near our home), the Snow Angel Snowfall and Fireworks Finale (the kids were tired at that point) and a few other shows.

If you are a planner like me, then start checking out Stone Mountain Christmas and Snow Mountain. It was just a magical way to spend the weekend before Christmas!

This was a peek at theMomBuzz’s Christmas Vacation! We purchased tickets on our own and had no obligation to buzz about the experience… but it was so fabulous I had too!

Have you been to Snow Mountain or Stone Mountain? When and what did you think about it!

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  1. I went to SM as a kid and loved it but haven’t been back!

  2. I completely forgot that you were up in our neck of the woods 😛

    • How could you FORGET!? LOL! I didn’t buzz about it when I was up there, didn’t want someone to know our house was empty. You know! Security first!

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  3. Sounds like an awesome Christmas vacation! Tubing is perfect for the whole family and a much better idea than trying to teach young kids to ski or snowboard- and it never gets old, whatever are you are. Seems like you got a great deal and got to enjoy a bunch of different activities.

  4. We went to Stone Mountain this year and saw them starting to prep the snow area and blowing it in. I would love to go back and visit this attraction. My grandsons would love it!

  5. vickie couturier says:

    ive been there but it was about 45 yrs ago,im sure its changed a lot since then,but it was beautiful back then too

  6. HappyMomC says:

    Wow, how nice, we should visit this place too!

  7. I went to stone mountain in the summer as a teenager (with my mother and grandmother) while visiting my uncle who lived in newnan… it was a lot of fun and i would definitely love to go in the winter, though i can’t really justify spending that kind of money!

  8. Looks you had a fab time in the snow! Here in Beds, we’ve had it for the past few days now, and it’s starting to come down thick and fast again now, so we have sttaerd longing for spring!

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