1 Year With Braces as an Adult

Last March I published a post about me getting braces as an adult. I actually had the braces installed (?) on February 21st, I just published the post at a later date. But as I write this, I’ve been in braces for 12 months.

Back then, I had a few pros and cons that I saw in the beginning. To recap:

braceserinPros of Adult Braces:

  • Eat less! (Too painful and/or you donโ€™t want to get food stuck in them in public!)
  • They make you look younger. They chopped 15 years off my age.
  • Gives you a sexy pout with the braces pushing out your lips.

Cons of Adult Braces:

  • I keep swallowing the rubber bands. Seriously.
  • I worry about keeping them clean when eating in public.
  • They are painful the first week.

But now after 12 months, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is expected that I will have these babies off in late April. My orthodontist has pretty much left me a gap of 1 – 2 more appointments until I get them off. Well, actually 2 – 3, but that last appointment will be scheduled just 1 week after he decides they will come off. So if he thinks they can come off during my next appointment, he will schedule me to come back a week later. So that would be end of March. So it’s pretty confuddling, but I am pretty sure April is the latest.

The pros and cons have changed over the past year though. For one, I now eat as normally as I did pre-braces when it comes to quantity and consistency. But I do take smaller bites and have to keep sucking at my braces to make sure nothing is stuck. It makes me HATE eating in public or with friends. And it took about 8 months, but I finally stopped swallowing rubber bands. It wasn’t anything I did, they switched me to a thicker rubber band that doesn’t snap as easily. So *yeah*. But they also had me wearing double rubber bands on one side that caused a hole to open in my cheek that took about a month to heal and “harden up”, but it was still sore whenย  brushed.

So without further ado, here are my new pros and cons after 1 year of braces.

Pros of Adult Braces after one year:

  • They make you look younger. They chopped 15 years off my age.
  • Gives you a sexy pout with the braces pushing out your lips.
  • Seeing results! No more crooked bottom row of teeth.

Cons of Adult Braces:

  • All the ways the braces, pokey wires and rubber bands injure the inside of your mouth.
  • I worry about keeping them clean when eating in public.
  • Depression. Without a doubt, I am a little depressed with them on. Some days more than others. I just hate them visually.
  • Not kissing my husband. I have not kissed him (for real, not counting pecks) for 12 months and counting. ๐Ÿ™
  • Not seeing results FAST ENOUGH. The 4 – 8 weeks I wait between some appointments seem insane. Especially when I see my teeth move so quickly after an adjustment and then it’s just waiting for that next appt.
  • Keep taking dorky pictures. You know when you feel so dorky you take even dorkier photos to compensate? I do that all the time now.

The cons seem to be outweighting the pros at this 12 month mark! Hopefully we are just 2 months away (or less) from me unveiling my new smile, though. And from my husband getting a kiss he deserves for putting up with me during this experience.

Any questions re: braces as an adult? Feel free to ask!


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  1. Your pros are cracking me up! I want to get them on so badly, but I keep putting it off. I guess because I’m dreading the finding the right person to do it thing.

    • I forget how I finally settled on my ortho. But a lot of the kids from my son’s school see him too. I know this will be worth it in the end (2 more months), but the process is just BLAH. I wanted the clear system Invisalign, but he said this would be quicker with better results. But I told my husband if he gets it done, get Invisalign.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get the smile you want soon!

      Erin T.

  2. My cousin’s husband had braces as an adult for like 5 years!!! It was forever!

    Your pro’s made me LOL. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to “kiss kiss” your husband in over a year!!

    And I’m fairly impatient, so I’d want to see results quickly, too!!

    Can’t wait to see your after pics!!

    • Hopefully I’ll make it to a TB get-together one day and you can see my smile in person! This better be worth it. And 5 years would KILL me! AUGH!

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  3. I feel your pain (and your pleasures). ๐Ÿ™‚ The end results will be SO worth it!

    I had braces for the second time around as an adult several years ago. I remember trying to eat steamed broccoli leaves and how it was a huge, messy failure after I had them put on. I just cried. And don’t even get me started on all of the poking archwire problems I had to go in and get taken care of! I had some orthognathic surgeries, which is why I had to have the braces on to begin with, and 18 months later they came off. The results were amazing, and I’m still enjoying my revamped smile after 8 1/2 years!

    P.S. The bonded retainer on my lower teeth, although it’s quite a food trap, has been essential in helping keep my teeth straight.

    • I know, this is my second time around too. Sigh. After I got pregnant with both boys, my teeth just shifted an insane amount. No one warned me of that or I would have gotten a new retainer or SOMETHING to prevent it.

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  4. I remember how much I hated eating with braces when I was younger- especially after getting them tightened during an appointment it was SO painful! Its really exciting knowing that you’ll get them off soon though and then you’ll have beautifully straight teeth.

    • They are killing me right now. Ouch Ouch Ouch!

      But that must mean they are moving. So go ahead! Cause pain if it means straight teeth! LOL!

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  5. You are soooooo close!!! I can somewhat relate, having the Invisalign system, I don’t want to mention any pros especially since you’re almost done, but in the end you will have awesome teeth and be able to smooch your hubby like the women in the romance novels!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to see a before and after if you’re willing to share.

    • I originally went in for Invisalign, be he told me this would be better. Sigh. I think he just wants people to see them so then they’ll ask questions and I’ll refer him. LOL.

      And totally will do a before and after shot. I have the befores … somewhere. Hmmm…

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  6. Erin, you crack me up! You seriously swallowed the rubber bands? Hoo boy. And personally I don’t think they make you look dorky at all. They definitely do make you look younger and you just look all-around-fun thanks to them.

    • LOL! You sound like my husband. And my local friends. Maybe the braces don’t make me look dorky…. maybe it was already there hidden behind the metal madness! Mwa-ha-ha!

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

    • Oh – and yes. Many rubber bands swallowed. No one warned me about that. I can’t be the only one?

  7. This is amazing that you don’t have to keep them on for much longer and are seeing such positive results! My husband desperately wants to get braces but is on the fence because of the cost but I think it’d be worth it for his self confidence to get it done. Better late than never!

    • The cost is “nominal” in the long run. It cost me $5k. I mean, ouch in the pocket book – right? But I will have this smile for the rest of my life, so it will come down to pennies a day … I hope. LOL.

      Happy Buzzing,

      Erin T.

  8. Great post, loved your list of pro’s! LOL.

  9. Aw, you crack me up. I’m so glad you are done eating rubber bands. ๐Ÿ™‚ You better plant a big, sloppy, long kiss on your husband when you get them off!

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