Vlog: Celebrating at Walt Disney World

So we’ve done a lot of celebrating at one of our favorite places to visit – Walt Disney World. But they make it so easy! We’ve celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and visits with out-of-town family! Here is a quick VLOG about why it’s just so darn special!

And if you want a recap from years past:

So I asked in the video, but let me ask again here! Have you celebrated anything at Walt Disney World? Or is there an occasion you would LIKE to celebrate at Walt Disney World? Let me know in a comment below!

This is 100% the opinion and feedback of Erin T. at theMomBuzz. She has attended these WDW events she buzzes about to celebrate life’s occasions! And thank you MOMTV for inspiring and sponsoring my VLOG!
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  1. We’ve gone a small handful of times, but the kids don’t really remember it. My dh is not a fan of theme parks, and it’s really too hard for me to take three kids alone 🙁 But we are HUGE Star Wars fans, and we did take them for Star Wars at Hollywood Studios but my son was going through some things (he’s got PDD-NOS) and EVERYTHING freaked him out. So after like 90 minutes (and a few hundred dollars in tickets) we left 🙁

    But my son is doing better now, and I think he’d totally love Star Wars weekend now b/c he is a huge Star Wars fan.

    Wow…that was a lot of rambling. :/

  2. I love the idea of celebrating at Disney World! It’s such a fun place.

  3. We went to WDW for our honeymoon and it was so much fun! I can’t wait to share that magical experience with my kids!

    • That’s awesome! Did you wear the pins they give you, so that you get extra recognition in the park? Or get the newlywed Mickey hats?

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  4. This would be such an awesome way to celebrate fun milestones…except we stay so so far away and our airfare rates are sky high. I do love that Disney always goes that extra mile to ensure every visitor feels like the Park is open and in operation just for him/her!!

  5. How awesome to live close enough to celebrate there. I live about 11 hours away. 🙁 I will be there this May – yea! (Not celebrating, but learning. Can’t think of a better classroom.)

  6. I’ve been to Disneyland in Paris, but never to Disneyworld in the US. Totally agree that it’d be a great place for birthday celebrations, and to celebrate any other special occasion for that matter. The memories it creates for little ones are priceless.

  7. We’ve never been to Disney, but hope to go when the kids are a bit older.

  8. We’ve been to WDW a number of times. We haven’t celebrated anything there but have spent Halloween there, what fun!

  9. Not at WDW, but celebrated a few birthdays at Disneyland!

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