Read This Before you Pre-Order School Uniforms: French Toast #win

In a few months I’ll be pre-ordering uniforms for both my sons. It gives me a little discount, and every little bit helps when you are trying to cut the cost of private school. My son have to wear navy blue slacks or shorts, a red logo polo, belt, black or white socks and black shoes. Every other piece of apparel, from their PE Uniform to Sweaters and Sweatshirts also have the logo.

I cut some cost buy purchasing gently used items out of the “uniform closet”. When something doesn’t fit your child anymore, you donate it. And then another parent can purchase it from the school and the money goes back to the school. You can also trade items that don’t fit your child for an item that does. I like the uniform closet, but some times it’s slim-pickings, I don’t choose items that are too faded, have holes or small stains – and I do find them in the donation pile.


Also, while I am stuck purchasing items with the school logo from the school supplier, I can get better prices for non logo school uniform apparel at other retailers, such as French Toast. And with French Toast, there is no need to pre-order and “guess” what sizes my son will need throughout the school year. Instead I can just order when I want and get a good price year round. So pretty much, I order most of his apparel right now through the school uniform supplier the school uses. But when it comes to his requisite navy slacks and shorts, French Toast has what I need.

Ordering online might make you wary, especially when it comes to fit and sizing. So for this review I requested a 6 and a 7, for both shorts and slacks, to see what I am working with. Plus, there were actually two different styles I wanted to try:

1. Boys Adjustable Waist Double-Knee Pant (1319A), Size 6, Navy
2. Boys Adjustable Waist Pleated Double Knee Pant (1432A), Size 7, Navy
3. Boys Side Pocket Short (1458A ), Size 6, Navy
4. Boys Flat Front Adjustable Waist Short (1431A), Size 7, Navy

All of the pants were a dark navy and they already have washed well, with no noticeable fading. That’s already more than can be said for the navy shorts I purchased at Macy’s, which had noticeable fading after one wash. And the French Toast had no pilling either. I liked the double knee option, which really reinforces the knee are during rough play with boys. And the side pocket is intended for a cell phone, which is not necessary for my boys. If they need a phone, they can go to the office to call me!

What I really liked about all four options was the adjustable waists – they all had it. It means you can purchase a size larger and cinch it, if needed. Even the size 6 was roomy for my 6 year old! So he has room to grow and the pants and shorts will grow with him.

They all had hook closures, which is really easy for the younger crowd to fasten. And the pants are Wrinkle No More Fabric, but I feel like the Pleated Double Knee looked more wrinkly then the non-pleated Adjustable Waist.  But I have to say, both seem durable and came out of the dryer nice.


I have no preference of one short over an other or one pair of slacks over an other. I would probably purchase the Side Pocket Short right now, because it is UNDER $10! The Flat Front All Season Pants are also under $10, although I did not review them – but I like that price! And I am so satisfied with the other selection of pants and shorts, that I don’t think French Toast will disappoint on any of their styles.

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theMombuzz was provided with the uniform pieces above to review. French Toast will supply the winner’s prize.

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  1. I like the girls Short Sleeve Gather Front Blouse

  2. I like the girls Adjustable Waist and Hem Pleated Pant
    (Size 7-14)

  3. My daughter does have to wear a uniform to school, but she doesn’t seem to mind it and I love it (it just makes shopping for back to school that much easier)

  4. Puff Sleeve Polo

  5. Skinny Stretch Twill Pant

  6. Yes – they were khaki or black bottoms and gren or white polo shirts

  7. I like the Puff Sleeve Polo. It adds that little extra “something,” while still being basic.

  8. One of our favorite bottoms (we have several) is the Kick Pleat Scooter. (Love the scooters because they let my girls be girly AND tomboyish – which they usually are, anyway!)

  9. We homeschool so – no uniforms. 😉 But we LOVE French Toast, anyway, because they provide an affordable way to get good, classic wardrobe basics, which are otherwise very hard to find. (Just ’cause my kids don’t wear uniforms doesn’t mean they can’t use khakis and polos!)

  10. I Like the Short Sleeve Smock Front Polo!

  11. I like the Skinny Stretch Twill Pant.

  12. Short Sleeve Stretch Pique Polo
    (Junior Size)

  13. Skinny Stretch Twill Pant
    (Junior Sizes)

  14. Yes, both kids wear uniforms.

  15. I like the Long Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse

  16. I like the Pleated Skirt

  17. yes our school has uniforms

  18. Love the Sport Polo!

  19. For pants, I like the Belted Hidden Button Cargo Pant.

  20. Uniforms aren’t required at our schools.

  21. My fav are the boy’s sports polos

  22. I like the boy’s belted cargo shorts

  23. Yes, all public schools in our county have to wear uniforms

  24. Short Sleeve Pique Polo

  25. Pull-On Boys Short

  26. no

  27. Michele P. says:

    I like the Short Sleeve Pique Polo in white for young women for my daughter

  28. Michele P. says:

    the kick pleat scooter in navy

  29. Michele P. says:

    no school uniform here in the US but in Guatemala yes!

  30. Hi, I like short sleeve school unoforms.

  31. Jessica H. says:

    My favorite top is the Short Sleeve Gather Front Blouse. So cute!

    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  32. Jessica H. says:

    I am not sure if it counts as a bottom, but my favorite is the Sash Jumper.

    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  33. Jessica H. says:

    Our schools do not have a school uniform, but I think that school uniforms seem to be higher quality than a lot of other choices out there and therefore are a good fit whether you have a uniform rule in school or not.

    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  34. I just ordered the adj waist double knee pants and the pleated shorts for my son for next school year since we are switching to a dress code. The French Toast reviews were pretty good and the prices were great! I hope I am not disappointed.

  35. Oh am I supposed to say which tops and bottoms I’d like? LOL oops. I’d love to win a long sleeve and a short sleeve polo top in yellow and blue, and pleated double knee pants.

  36. If pre-ordering gives you a discount then it is always advisable to do so to save money.

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