VTech’s Emerald Cordless Phone for Spring

You may have heard the buzz that the Pantone Color of the year is Emerald. Isn’t that perfect?! A time for OZ the Great and Powerful to be released, as he makes his way through the Emerald City. And Sephora has released an entire Emerald Collection, with gorgeous emerald mascara, nail polish, eye shadows and eyeliners.

phone3You can even have fun adding some Emerald to your home with VTech’s Emerald Cordless Phone, the CS6529-14. I always liked the sleek look of the new VTech phones, and I’ve always found them reliable as I roam around the house taking calls thanks to the DECT 6.0 Digital Technology. But the color REALLY pops and makes it an appealing home accessory.

The CS6529-14 is simple to use, without too many complicated options. It comes with one base and a handset. It also comes with an accessory to make it attach to the wall, rather than sit on a shelf. My parents always use that option to save counter space. The base has a built-in answering machine, a great perk. The only downside is I HATE listening to messages. I prefer the Caller ID feature, so I can see who is calling to debate whether it’s worth answering. My mom – answer. Don’t recognize the number – let the machine grab it. This Emerald Phone can hold 14 minutes of messages and 50 Caller ID numbers.

I'll get you, my pretty! (My phone made this VERY green, just like the Wicked Witch of the West! It's more subdued than this...)

I’ll get you, my pretty! (My phone made this VERY green, just like the Wicked Witch of the West! It’s more subdued than this…)

For moms who have a sleeping toddler or baby, you’ll appreciate the Quiet Mode. No more phone calls waking the kids! It’s similar to putting your cell phone on silent. For larger households, you’ll appreciate that you can expand this system to up to 5 handsets with only one phonejack. My house unbelievably only has two phonejacks, and one of them is in my 6 year olds room. (???) So I appreciate that I can put the phones where I WANT, not where the phonejacks are (mis)placed.

Finally, this phone is REALLY GREEN. Nah, not just the color. It also has the Energy Star seal and has this special Eco Mode to save battery life.

You can get this Emerald Green phone with the answering machine for $29.99 from VTechPhones.com. A version without the answering machine, but still with caller ID, is also available for just $19.95. It’s PERFECT for any age, any home, any season!

So what do you think of VTech’s Green Phone? Love it? Or is there another color or style that screams your name?

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