The End is Near! Alternate Title: One Last Month in Braces

Squee! I feel like y’all left me so many wonderful vibes in my last braces post. Because today’s orthodontic appointment gave me GREAT news! I have one month left in braces.

kazooWhat’s happening in the final month of braces?

  • Well, they did a final adjustment to lower one last tooth. Already the tooth is in position – my teeth always move quickly after an adjustment, like within a few hours. It’s freaky.
  • Then mid-April I go back and they will decide what to do about my spaghetti bands. Spaghetti bands are an ADDITIONAL form of torture. A whole bunch of tiny rubberbands that are forming a chain are then attached to each individual bracket. Somehow they make the process of wearing braces go by faster, but 14 months isn’t fast enough to me! I’ve worn the spaghetti bands over my brackets for about 4 months now. Bah.
  • At my mid-April appointment they will also attack my teeth with ADDITIONAL rubberbands to help make final tweaks so that my teeth are perfect.
  • And then late April (the 23rd) these suckers should come off.

Now, as a teen when my braces came off I don’t remember any fuss. They were just off one day. But as an adult, I freakin’ want a big ol’ party full of all the things that were on my do not eat list, like crunch bagels, chunky peanut butter, hard candy, doritos …. okay, or maybe not. That would throw off my Mom Buff diet a bit much. But I still feel like I need to celebrate.

So my question to you – as an ADULT, what would you do/ how would you celebrate getting braces off?

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  1. So excited for you and to see your “new” smile!!! Hope you have a great celebration!

  2. That will be a good day when the braces come off! I think you should celebrate by rewarding yourself with a treat you’ve been missing out on.

  3. As an adult? Hmmmm ice cream?LOL I don’t know, probably eat something that I was unable to eat while having braces in.

  4. I’m glad for your sake. I didn’t enjoy braces. They’re hard work.

  5. I can not imagine how frustrating braces have been so happy for you!

  6. Janet W. says:

    Good for you!! I’d go have some pictures taken of you by a photographer! Huge accomplishment!

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