14 Months Later – Straight Teeth!

So this week something pretty spectacular happened … my braces came off. Damon braces with the SureSmile system – pretty much my personal hell for 14 months. I agreed to this system over the Invisalign I wanted because they said my teeth would get straighter quicker and with better results. I have nothing to compare it to, since the only way I’d know for sure is if I had a twin with the same crooked teeth going through the process with Invisalign. I will say that if anyone is interested, I’d probably not want to do THIS WAY again. I’d want Invisalign.

bracesdoneIf you want to know WHY I wouldn’t use the Damon System with SureSmile again, just read my post: 1 Year with Braces . The short of it was I was embarrassed, I felt awkward, it was awful eating, the wires were beyond pokey and I couldn’t kiss my husband. I had so many elegant events to go to where I had to look like a 16 year old in braces, while wearing an evening gown or cocktail dress. Overall, hated it. And when I would run into people who had Invisalign, they seemed much happier.

But it’s over now! And I have to say, my smile is WONDERFUL. No more crooked, crowded teeth on the bottom. No more overbite on the top. They look FREAKY straight! Unnaturally straight. I love it!

At this point I have a clear retainer for the top and bottom that I have to wear 24/7 for the next month. And then I think it becomes a nighttime only thing. But I get to take it out for eating. And smooching!

So adult braces? YES! DO IT! Just choose the TYPE and PATH carefully. Stick with what you want and don’t let the orthodontist coerce you if you know know you want Invisalign.

If you have any questions about braces as an adult, leave it below! I’ll be happy to answer.

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  1. Your teeth look great and I can totally see the confidence in your face. Congrats for being “mostly” done. Sounds like what you are doing now with your retainers is similar to invisalign, hopefully you’ll be in them just for nighttime soon.

    Smooch away!!!!

    • You are rights. It is invisalign-like now. And they are using the clear retainer to still slightly nudge one tooth. So hello, why couldn’t I have done that from the beginning. Oh well. All done now!

      Happy Buzzing!
      Erin T.

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