NEW TODAY! ABC App for Kids: Lola’s ABC Party (Launch offer $1.99)

Lola’s ABC Party launched today! You can get it for the launch offer of just $1.99!

Lola’s ABC Party App Store link

Lola’s ABC Party Google Play link

lolasabcThis summer give your child the head start they need for pre-school and Kindergarten with the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. Just launched today is Lola’s ABC Party, an educational app for preschoolers to help them master their letters through fun games.

TheMomBuzz received a protype of the app to review last week. Lola’s ABC Party is ideal for children ages 3 – 5. The premise behind the game is to help Lola prepare for her party by making ice cream treats, blowing up balloons, decorating a cake and making party hats. While you wait for the ice cream to soften, the balloon machine to set-up, the cake to finish baking or for the hats to arrive, your child plays three letter games prior to each party activity.

Letter games include identifying letter sounds, drawing letters, matching images and/or matching images with their starting letter and spelling words.

lolapandaOnce all four party actions and a total of 12 letter games are completed, Lola is set-up for the party and guests start to arrive. The guests are “interactive”, your child can poke them to cause giggles, slurping and more. The party has started!

My youngest just finished preschool and is about to start Kindergarten this year, so I understand the pressure in finding the right tools to help your children learn. He actually found this game on my iPad without me even telling him about it, the picture of Lola on her app just dragged him in. He loved playing next to me as I reviewed the game for the first time.When I ask him what he thought about the game, he had one word to say, “Cool!

He says it is “pretty“, so let me elaborate to say it is very well designed and the graphics run smoothly.

lolamathHe says it is “fun“. I asked him why, and he told me because of the balloons. So he enjoys setting up for the virtual party.

So my 5 year old and I agree that Lola’s ABC Party is a great bet for keeping your kids learning this summer, which is a must know for Kindergarten and a skill they will be building on in preschool. Plus,  Lola’s ABC Party is just one of 7 learning tools available from BeiZ. They have also designed games to build math skills and solve puzzles. Learn more about all their games at

Grab Lola’s ABC Party for the launch offer of just $1.99!

Lola’s ABC Party App Store link

Lola’s ABC Party Google Play link

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  1. How cute is that? And educational to boot!

  2. What a cute app! I think my youngest would enjoy it and I love that it is educational.

  3. Thanks for the tip. There are so many educational apps to choose from. It looks like Lola mixes animals and balloons. My daughter will be all over it.

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