The Christmas Creep on @HuffPostLive

Where do you stand on the Christmas Creep?! I am on a HuffPostLive Interview at 3pm EST – you can weigh in! Is Christmas Cheer good earlier in the year? Or are the stores displays too early?

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    I don’t have a problem with it,I shop all year long ,,I have 6 grown kids plus spouses,an 11 grandchildren so I have too

    • It makes everything less stressful when you work on the holiday all year long. Then all you have to worry about is Christmas Pageants and baking cookies for Santa!


      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  2. I was in Kohl’s about two weeks ago and they already had Christmas displays! I couldn’t believe it!

    • My thoughts are the displays actually make sense. They aren’t necessarily decorating for the holidays, they are giving us the tools to prep for the holidays. Many people start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, which is just next month. So you need the displays to sell the merchandise to help people decorate for next month!

      Actually makes sense! (From a mom who loves to be prepared!)

      Happy Buzzing, Janet! And thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Erin T.

  3. Melissa Mazzur says:

    I shop year round and stockpile so no problems here!

  4. stephanie says:

    i love christmas and i love seeing all the holidays stuff

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