the Zombie Run: Run For Your Lives #weARErunningfromzombies

Well, November was a little extra zany for this zombie fan. I was signed up to run in the Zombie 5K, Run For Your Lives, with a team of 9 when we got disappointing news. The Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t coming to Central Florida. Reed Street Productions, the company that put on Run For Your Lives, made one last attempt to scam people out of money and then closed up shop.

My sister, husband and brother-in-law all ran the race last year and did have fun. The free beer helped, even though three of us lost our flags. Although I did notice that the promised obstacles didn’t live up to expectations. Still, we love a challenge and had decided to run again. Until the e-mail went out that runners would have to contact their own banks for refunds … good luck with that.


Then another fun run company called Human Movement Management saved the day and unleashed the zombies. Without any pay or profit, they would help keep the scheduled runs going. They had help along the way from various groups – in our case it was 300 volunteers coming from the National Guard and Boy Scouts of America, Mud MingleĀ  Mud Run and Little Everglades Ranch. All we had to do was bring in our registration paperwork.


My team got there early, around 7:30. We quickly parked and signed in. We received our flag belts (lives), pins and numbers, a tote, shirt and headband. Beer and food was available for sale.

Here is a video from one of the runners during the day:

They had better obstacles than RFYL had the previous year. I counted over 12 obstacles:

  • Tall Wall,
  • Rock Wall in FREEZING WATER,
  • Hanging Tubes,
  • Monkey Bars over Water,
  • Hanging Net over Water,
  • Crawl under Net,
  • Crawl through MUD under Barbed Wire,
  • Three different hurdles (over,under,through),
  • Crazy Chinese Jump Rope Maze,
  • Foggy Barn,
  • See-Saw,
  • Climbing Rope


And don’t forget the zombies. There were periods of peacefulness and periods of running panic. I did get hurt once by a gigantasaur male zombie (easily 200+ pounds) grabbing my entire thigh instead of my flag. And I kept running, so my leg was a bit wrenched. But that is to be expected somewhat when you have a lot of excitement, running and grabbing going on.


Overall, a last minute show organized by Human Movement Management was better than anything the original race company could have put on. And if the name sounds familiar, Human Movement Management also puts on the popular Color Run, Turkey Trot and many other fun runs. Check them out here: Human Movement Management Events.

So what’s next for theMomBuzz? Well, Pretty Muddy in December with my sister. And Tough Mudder in 2014. Once you start doing these obstacle runs, they get a bit addicting. You just want to push yourself more and more

Have you ever done a fun run or obstacle run? Any that you want to try?

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  1. i have heard that this is alot of fun

  2. I’ve never heard of this before! But, what a great event to do together! Looks fun!

  3. Vickie Couturier says:

    im glad you got to go an have fun,,,Ill never understand how ppl can scam ppl out of their money an then run an get by with it,,hats off to the ones who stepped up an finished the job!

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