Elfs with Style and Personality – the Zelfs

TheMomBuzz received samples of various Zelfs. This is her opinion on the brand, products and samples.

Winter 2012 was about Elf on the Shelf. And yes, we do love our Ebenezer Elf with all of his crazy antics, but the kids can’t PLAY with him. Touch him and he loses his magic.

So for Winter 2013 we have adopted the Zelfs into out home! We can touch and play with them all we want! Zelfs come in various styles and styles. You can have the mini-versions that are fun to collect – even for boys. Then there are the medium sized versions, some of which have playsets – my niece likes those. Finally there are ginormous ones so you can get craft. They are about the size of a puppy!


What all Zelfs have in common are that they are naked! Cute little tooshes with a Z emblazoned across a cheek! And they have FABULOUS hair that can be styled and twisted. If you are going to invite a Zelf into your home for the holidays, these are some of the ones I suggest!

1. Tressa, the Venus Flytrap Zelf with PlaySet: This package comes with Tressa (Green with Green and Pink Hair), various hair accessories and her spinning Venus Flytrap Spin Salon. When open, the Spin Salon has a spinning chair, a mirror and a dresser.

The dresser is perfect for Tressa’s hair accessories. She or any other Zelf can sit in the chair with the Venus Flytrap holding the tiptop of the Zelf’s hair. When you spin the chair, the Zelf’s hair gets a fabulous twisty style. When your child is done playing with Tressa, they simply put everything “in” the pot, close it and it looks like a decorative potted plant!

My niece has this one and LOVES it.

2. Zelfs Greenhouse Teahouse: This is 18 mini Zelfs for a retail value of $29.99. That makes each mini Zelf approximately $1.67. They are little toys and can be placed on top of a pencil! They come in a variety of colors, some with wings – some with fins – and some glow in the dark! You can gift the package as-is or take it apart and stuff them into countdown calendars or stockings. My boys do like collecting these small ones.



3. Design Your Zelf: This is one of the ginormous Zelfs I was talking about! Here is a picture of the large Zelf with one of the absolute mini Zelfs from the Greenhouse, so you can compare.

This Zelf has fabulous hair, big glass eyes and a white body that acts as a canvas. Kids can put stickers on the Zelf and then color the stickers in to express their individuality. This is wonderful for girls and boys. My 6 year old wants to be an artist and loves Zelfs, so this is perfect for him. He can add bats, lightening bolts, skulls and crossbones and more. Other sticker options include bows, hearts and flowers – just to name a few.

The complete Design Your Zelf toy comes with glitter stickers, stickers that can be colors, the giant Zelf, and three markers. Marker colors are teal, purple and pink.

This Design Your Zelf is a Toys “R” Us exclusive and available for just $19.99 right now!


This is just the beginning of the Zelfs population! More styles will be coming soon – but you can check out over 20 Zelfs options at Toys “R” Us now!!

Which is YOUR favorite Zelf?

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