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Valentine’s Day is creeping up fast! Forget the bouquet of roses and satin boxers for your sweetie. Too cliche, unless the bouquet is unicorns and boxers are double-hearted like Doctor Who.

I know that all of my Valentine’s are complete geeks – and I say that completely loving. From my sons to  my husband, and my sister to my dad. All these people I love are obsessed with Supernatural, Marvel, Doctor Who, Harry Potter … all the fandoms. So I decided to make the best list of Geeky Valentine Gifts for your Sweetie.

Top Ten Valentine Gift Geeks

HelloSweetie ImTheDoctor DisneyLingerie Nerd-Block black leather couch on white
1. Hello Sweetie Tee 2. I’m the Doctor Briefs 3. Disney Lingerie 4. NerdBlock 5. Love Is Art
Glows in the Dark! Bigger on the Inside? It’s a Whole New World Monthly Nerd Mail! Painting with Your Love!
ThinkGeek ThinkGeek HotTopic NerdBlock Love is Art
Promotional Codes Promotional Codes Promotional Codes


1. Hello Sweetie Glow in the Dark Tee: This is a ladies tee that in the light has the lost language of the time lords on it. But in the dark the letters glow to reveal River Song’s well-known welcome to the Doctor, “Hello Sweetie.”

2. Boxer Briefs: Trust Me, I’m the Doctor: Bigger on the Inside? Or as Clara Oswald would say – Smaller on the Outside. Either way, these are sexy and fun and scream Valentine’s Day. Plus, since they are made of cotton and spandex, they’ll be much more comfortable than the slip-sliding-satin boxers that seem to be so popular this time of year.

3. Disney Lingerie: C’mon and Kiss the Girl! That’s what most Princesses are wanting – unless you are Anna or Elsa from Disney’s Frozen! But if your Valentine is a Disney fan, then check out the Disney lingerie available from There is underwear, bras, sports bras, robes and the cutest pajamas!

4. NerdBlock: Oh, I am drooling over this idea. For just $19.99 a month, your geek will get a box filled with Fandom goodness … including a tee in every box. Each month is a wonderful surprise of toys, tees, collectibles and more that together are valued at more than $19.99.

  • This gift is suggested FOR HIM and FOR HER
  • It is available at

5. Love is Art Kit: This is an insanely sexy gift idea! I am so proud for discovering it. You order a kit for $60+ … and the idea is that you and your hunny use your bodies to paint on the canvas. So the work of art is a constant reminder of your love!

  • This gift is suggested FOR HIM and FOR HER
  • It is available at
unicornsareforever robotpocketpals robottshirt moustache pillow cases pixelheart
6. Bouquet of Unicorns 7. Plush Valentine Robots 8. Valentine T-Shirts 9. Mustache Pillow Case 10. Pixel Heart Mug
Unicorns are 4ever. Warming a Metal Heart Wear Your Heart I Mustache You to Be Mine Changes With Heat
ThinkGeek Personal Creations Personal Creations Personal Creations ThinkGeek
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6. Bouquet of Unicorns: Roses die. Plush unicorns are forever. This bouquet contains 11 Plush Unicorns that detach for play. They come in shades of pink, purple and light blue. It’s the gift that they will talk about for years!

7. Plush Valentine Robots: For the littlest Valentine Geeks, consider getting them a Robot Valentines Plush. These are too cute, I ordered one for each of these Robot Plush Pockets for my boys. It’s a nice little keepsake, the removable heart is pre-flled with candy, plus the heart can be personalized. The plush seems sizable at 10″ high. Plus, I was able to save 25% off with a code from! Little Brown Byrd Creations also has adorable hand-crafted Robot Plushes for sale.

8. Valentine’s T-Shirts for Kids: First off, I have to say that I LOVE the Valentine’s Robot T-Shirts from Personal Creations. They are totally wonderfully priced too at just $19.99. And then you can personalize them with your child’s name. But if your kids are not into robots, there are other cute Valentine’s shirts too. I ordered one for each boy AND got an additional 25% off with my code from

9. Mustache Pillow Case: I mustache you a question – Will You Be My Valentine? I am giving this one Geek cred, because mustaches are so cool thanks to Amy Farrah Fowler. “Are you willing to draw a mustache on your finger as a conversational ice-breaker?” Or in this case, “Are you willing to buy a mustache on your pillow as a bedtime ice-breaker?” Get one for both sides, or pair it with a sassy pair of Marilyn Monroe-esque lips.

10. Pixel Heart Changing Mug: Have a cold heart, it stays black. Heat things up and it turns red. Here’s what people are saying about the mug: “It is the most amazing mug EVER!” Well, I am sold!

11. A Realistic Selfie in 3D Figurine: uses Microsoft Kinect for Windows to scan users. Then upload the scan to the website and be sent a miniature figurine, a 1/20th physical representation. The price for each figurine is $59 with free delivery to the United States and all of Europe. Works with Windows; MAC version coming.

  • This gift is suggested FOR HIM or FOR HER
  • It is available at

I don’t think it’s unusual that I found most of my most-loved gifts from Think Geek or that I found some really special personalized ones from PersonalCreations. Those do happen to be two of my most favorite online stores. But remember, when you shop online to always check for deals and coupon codes to save extra money on your sweetie. Shoppers who use coupons from can save 10%, 20% and even 60% or more off purchases and cash in on free shipping coupons, as well.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day? What are you getting your sweetie for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. The Bouquet of Unicorns is so unique! Never seen anything like that before!

  2. Ha! The bouquet of unicorns has me cracking up. But the Love Is Art idea sounds amazing. Messy, but hot! 🙂

  3. My girls would love a bouquet of unicorns

  4. Great list! You have some really cute ideas and I love the bouquet of unicorns!

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