Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Girls – Ever After High Fashion Dolls

TheMomBuzz received samples of Ever After High Dolls to review. These are her thoughts.

Unbelievably, it is February already. I’ve already posted two Valentine’s Day posts that you might want to check out.

But now I wanted to move onto an idea for younger Valentines – the girls! Is your daughter a Royal or a Rebel? Well, from the Ever After High Rebel and Royal Doll Assortment, there is a character for every girl! Not surprisingly, my own niece identifies with the rebels in this awesome assortment of fashion dolls.

Each doll is the daughter of a Fairy Tale Character – both good and bad. And they each have their own unique personality, which you can read about on their boxes. Even their boxes are cool, when looking at them from the side they resemble book spines.


The one my niece (8) is most excited about is Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter. Truthfully, she is the one I amĀ  most excited about, as well. And my sister’s favorite too. We are all mad here. She is an Ever After High Rebel.Her hair is long (waist level), wavy, and colored aqua and purple. She wears a headband with a teacup on top. Her gloves are affixed on, I don’t see how you can remove them. Her dress is cocktail length and empire waisted. It’s gold with purple cap sleeves.

The skirt of the dress is purple with gold detailing, blue and white striped at the bottom and trimmed with gold speckled black tulle. She has on white leggings with blue polka dots. Her white heels that are trimmed in gold and I swear, they look like elongated cups! So unusual!

One thing that really makes these dolls unique is that their facial features look like they are painted on. They are just that beautifully designed. Their eyes are completely mesmerizing. She is jointed at the shoulder, elbows and knees, allowing for a variety of poses. Her additional accessories are a teapot and brush. I wish she came with a stand too, for display. But alas, not all wishes come true.

I honestly think that Madeline Hatter is the must have of the Ever After Rebel Collection.


For the Royal Ever After High Dolls, I put a lot of thought into it. I think my favorite is Apple White, although I wish she had black hair! After all, she is the daughter of Snow White. But she has waist length blond hair with a lot of heavy wave, curls at the end.


Her eyes are blue and lips are pink. Her headband has a crown affixed. She has an apple bag and a brush as accessories.

Her dress is adorable. She wears a high collared shrug that is white with a gold pattern. Her dress is cocktail length with a full skirt. Her top has black tulle peeking out the top. The bottom is layered with pink and white top skirt, and a second layer of a shiny red and golden skirt. She wears black fishnet stockings and red heels with triple gold straps.

If you want a Royal and aren’t sure which to get, Apple White is my top choice.


The back of the box tells you the character’s secret heart’s desires, romance status, favorite school subjects and more. So if you aren’t sure which doll to choose for Valentine’s, make it more meaningful by trying to match your daughter’s personality with one of the dolls. I am currently aware of 7 doll characters, with a few additional style options. But the main characters are:

  • Madeline Hatter
  • Apple White
  • Raven Queen
  • Cerise Hood
  • Briar Beauty
  • Ashlynn Ella
  • Hunter Huntsman

All of the dolls are available at Target for an MSRP of $21.99.

Buzzworthy: Also keep an eye out for the Ever After High Secret Heart Diary. This spellbinding electronic diary lets kids discover both their Royal and Rebel sides, while the 2 voice-activated passwords keep all their secret thoughts safe and secure. The diary features 2 compartments, 2 notebooks for journaling, a quill-tip pen, and story cards that give the hexclusive story on Ever After High hangouts, gossip, and more. It is also available at Target.

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  1. These dolls are just the cutest, my daughter has a couple and she adores them!

  2. Vickie Couturier says:

    they are cute,never thought about giving this as a Valentines gift,,,birthdays would be nice too

  3. Todd Lovessweeps says:

    Cute – my daughter would love these

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