Loving Yourself is a True Challenge #LoveThighself

So we are on day 6 of our #LoveThighself Challenge. If you aren’t familiar with it, Denise and I challenged everyone to #LoveThighself via various Social Networks for the month of February. I realized that it was easier to love your friends and family, compared to loving yourself. And Denise is further on her journey, loving who she is today, but recognizing that not every woman is there yet … some haven’t even started the journey to loving themselves.

And on Day 6 I have to tell you, I think people are realizing that coming up with a true compliment for themselves is challenge. Oh, I can spit out 28 easily for my kids, husband, sister and parents … but I look in the mirror and coming up with 28 compliments for myself is hard.

And I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about it. After reading some of the compliments that our peeps are leaving, I see that some of them really aren’t compliments. It might be they like an aspect of their life. “I am a great mom.” Or someone in their life. “I have a great sister.” But what does that say about you?

The Allergy Sufferers

So, let’s look at the “I am a great mom” one. Tell me more. What makes you a great mom? I think I am a fabulous mom. Sure, I have my moments banging my head against the steering wheel to and from school. But I am a great mom because …

  • I am creative. (We do all sorts of coloring, painting, origami – and building with LEGOs)
  • I am geeky. (So we watch and read and play anything that has to do with Doctor Who, Marvel, LEGOs)
  • I am fun. (So that means tickles, dancing and general whack-a-doo-ness)
  • I am fit. (So that means I set a good example with running and lifting – and I take them out to swim, bike, scooter and skateboard.)

And since all of those things make me a great mom, I can just add “I LOVE … ” before any and all of them. I love that I am creative, geeky, fun and fit!


As for loving who you are because of family. That’s great. My sister rocks too. Why does my sister rock? She’s clever, smart and pretty. What does that have to do with me? Am I the slow, stupid and ugly sister? Ha! You can see how complimenting your sister or friends that you are with seems almost backhanded to yourself? A comparison. I think my sister is quick-witted, but maybe I think things through more? That’s still a good quality. My sister is smart, she has the whole Princess Bride MEMORIZED. I am not known for memorizing stuff like that, but I can think things through and make calculated decisions. And yah, she’s gorgeous. But dang-nabbit … I’m pretty cute myself.

So I can say, I love that I am calculated, deliberate and pretty dang cute. Kind of like Velma from Scooby-Doo. Jinkies!

So if you want to learn to #LoveThighself – come visit us at these locations to play along for the rest of February!


I am going to have you ALL (even me) loving ourselves by day 28 with an outright,


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  1. I love the sidewalk art and saying.

  2. To quote the Princess Bride, “as yoooouuuuu wiiiiish!” 😉

    It’s has been such an eye-opening experiment, hasn’t it? Women can compliment other women, like “You have gorgeous hair”, but they will turn around and criticize their own hair. “UGH! I hate curls!” It’s maddening!

    I like how you breakdown broad statements to help others dissect those accolades further. “I’m a good mom because….”

    • Ahh! Thanks! This is an eye-opening journey for ourselves, friends, fans, followers. It’s easier to see how we need to improve our own self-esteem when you are helping others build their own. We aren’t even 1/2 way there and people are already starting to struggle to come up with compliments. But we are there to help and support!

      Erin T.

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