Going to the Gym #OOTD featuring C9 by Champion

Comfortable style for a hard workout.

This #ootd was inspired and sponsored by C9 by Champion, available at Target.

I am 5 months away from my first figure competition. So I’ve been working out hard at my local gyms to build muscle. One thing that really motivates me at the gym is my fitness apparel. It’s the first step to building a better body. I like a variety of options. Long pants, capris, compression shorts, sports bras and tank tops. Bright colors, svelte black, fun patterns, or solids.

This past week I’ve been wearing C9 by Champion and some of my other tried-and-true brands to the gym.


Top: C9 by Champion® Women’s Double Strap Tank With Inner Bra – $19.99. I am wearing a medium. I am in-between sizes on this one. I think a small would have been too tight around my back, but the medium left a lot of room around the hips and waist. So if you like it flowy, excellent. But I think it was supposed to have more of a compression fit. It did have an inner bra, which was nice. My favorite feature was the double straps, very feminine.

Bottom: C9 by Champion® Women’s Premium Color Block Capri Tight – $34.99. This is a win! Love the gray/black color blocking. Very slimming and contouring, etc. You’ll get a better look at them at the picture below. They are fitted, yet very comfortable. You barely realize you are wearing pants. 



Top: Victoria Secret Runway Sport Bra – $44.50+

Bottom: C9 by Champion® Women’s Premium Color Block Capri Tight – $34.99.



Top: Victoria’s Secret Tank Top

Sports Bra: C9 by Champion® Women’s Reversible Compression Racer Bra – $7.48+. It is one of the stretchiest sports bras, so it’s easy to pull on and off. It does offer a bit of compression, so I would say it was a “medium” compression. It’s probably ideal for A & B sizes. Anything bigger, it won’t offer the support you need. If you are an A or B, this baby will hold the girls in place and compress them towards your chest.

Bottom: Those are Under Armour Cotton Shorts. They have a gray waist elastic. I am not too keen on how they looked at the gym, but they are comfortable to work out in.



Sneakers: Women’s C9 by Champion® Freedom Athletic Shoe – Purple

{I’ve worn these for running and lifting – even on Leg Day with squats, jump squats and leg presses. They are so light! Airy! Like foam. Yet they are durable, even with the additional stress from lifting and running. Even though I started wearing these new, they are starting our awesome from the start. They are not rubbing into my heel and they aren’t causing shin splints. And I am IN LOVE with the bright color. I’ve been wanting shoes this bright for a long time. I can’t believe they are just $29.99}

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  1. The right apparel is important – couldn’t place enough importance on that when it comes to working out. You look like you’re doing well with regards to your training – you look very fit 🙂

  2. I totally agree that good workout clothes are the first step to a good workout. I have definitely found that when I feel like I look better, I do better. So love this post! It’s great to see such a variety. I really enjoy following your journey to your competition. You are going to rock it!

  3. You lady look amazing and I always love your gym attire.

  4. I love that first outfit from C9!

  5. Love all the variety and you totally rock anything you wear! I also agree that the gear can make you more motivated.

  6. Looking great! Just noticed today I only have a few good sports bras. Def need to check this out.

  7. There is no greater motivator for exercise than seeing yourself gradually take shape into a more physically fit person.

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