Solution to Losing your Keys and/or Phone #MyProximo

womanphoneIn my household, I am the worst when it comes to misplacing my keys and phone. Often my husband has to call my phone for me to find it. And if he’s not home, my sons (ages 6 and 7) will use the Find iPhone app on their iPads to help me find my phone. And when I am not misplacing my phone, I am misplacing my keys. It’s mom-brain. I am a mom-bie. Once I enter the house, I am multitasking so much, I don’t realize where my left hand is placing important items as my right hand is helping with homework and cooking meals. I am sure you can relate.

So when I heard about Kensington’s MyProximo I was like, “YES! I NEED THAT!” I received the Tag and the Fob to review on theMomBuzz and here are my thoughts.

MyProximo Fob: If you are like me and habitually misplace your keys AND phone, get the Fob for $39.99. It will work with a FREE app that you download onto your SmartPhone (Get it on Google Play or App Store). The Fob attaches to your keys. When you misplace your keys, just start the app on your phone and “find” them from the dashboard. You get to set up a specific alarm for them. It works the other way around, too. When you have your keys and NO CLUE where you phone is, push the button on the Fob and it will have your phone let out a customized sound.


MyProximo Tag: The Tag works similarly to the Fob, except it does not have a button to search for your phone. All you can do is search for the Tag FROM your phone. For that reason, the Tag is only $24.99.


Both of them have a proximity sensor. If the distance between the Tag/Fob and phone is too much an alarm will go off. This is good for theme parks, shopping, etc. I don’t need that to happen in my house, so my alarm is off. And you can also define quiet zones, where the alarms shouldn’t activate.

If you have multiple Fobs and Tags, you can name them and select new icons to help organize them. The one thing I cannot do is customize the sensitivity of my Fob or Tag, but it works fine without that option working.


If you actually lose your Tag or Fob and it isn’t coming up when you set off the alarms, you can do a FIND and it will tell you where it last sensed it on a map. It also keeps track of your battery life and whether your items are in range.

Overall, MyProximo does EXACTLY what I want and need for a great price. I would suggest it to multi-tasking moms and dads.

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One reader will win a MyProximo Fob ($39.99 Value) and MyProximo Tag ($24.99). To enter to win, please follow the Raflecopter Directions below. This contest begins 2.14.14 and ends 3.06.14.

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  1. This would be perfect for my grandma. She has lost her keys once or twice and what a nightmare!

  2. Virginia Rowell says:

    My daughter is always losing her stuff, especially her phone and her keys. I swear, she loses them within 30 seconds of setting them down.

  3. Christie Kammerer says:

    my daughter has already lost two phones, one in the high school bathroom and one at the airport, neither were recovered.

  4. I am always losing my keys. I never remember to put them in the same spot, so at least once a week it is a mad scramble to find them.

  5. i dropped my keys in in a porta-potty while fishing at a state park! ugggh!

  6. Debra Guillen says:

    My husband is constantly losing his keys. I put a basket just inside the front door for him to put his keys in, but alas they still come up missing often. He once lost them and couldn’t find them and it was a big hassle getting them replaced…he found them a month later in a coat pocket he forgot he had worn 🙂

  7. Sharon Kaminski says:

    We are usually pretty good until the dog decided to hide the keys under the bed. It took days to find them!

  8. Oh Good Lord, I lose my keys it seems about once or twice a month!! I have even locked myself out of my house and car and still couldn’t figure out where they went!

  9. This is great! It takes me about 10 minutes every morning to find my keys!

  10. My brother is constantly losing his iphone either forgetting it in a store, leaving it in his car, or it falling out of his pocket.

  11. I used to lose my keys all the time but now I put them on the counter and I’ve been okay..usually! Sometimes I find them in the drawer after freaking out.

  12. Kathy Detweiler says:

    I lost my keys for a week. My husband was going to have to replace my car keys which was going to cost us over 100.00. Thankfully I finally found them in my camera bag before he got the keys made.

  13. Karen Dwight says:

    I lose my keys and phone every day In fact..I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond and after checking discovered I could not find my keys. I swear I looked multiple times in my purse but could not find them. I had half the employees helping me look for almost 1 hour…only to find them in my purse. LOL

  14. Stephanie MacDonald says:

    id lose my head if it wasnt attached, im always losing my keys!

  15. Brittney House says:

    My husband always loses his phones so we have to resort to getting him cheap phones only.

  16. We are always losing the keys.

  17. I am always losing my keys and phone around the house and my husband is good at helping me find them.

  18. Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I always lose my keys and phone… one time i locked my keys in my room. We have a roommate, so all the rooms get locked before we leave the house, and i couldn’t leave since I locked my keys in my room. I had to have a locksmith come out and open the door for me. It was a nightmare.

  19. I lose my guys a lot, usually in the bottom of my purse, another coat that I did not wear that day.

  20. Rebecca Orr says:

    I lost a set of keys when I allowed my 2 year old to play with them in her car seat. We have searched our van countless times. And we have even searched the house to make sure she didn’t have them in her hands when she came in and then lost them. So we are down to one set. It stinks but we make due. This would be a great product to help make sure we don’t loose our only remaining set! Thanks for the chance!

  21. Lauren Watson says:

    My husband and I are so bad about losing keys, I have house keys hidden every where and at least 5 family members with extra keys to my house. I lock myself out at least twice a month! It’s horrible lol

  22. always losing my phone because the kids take it

  23. Steve Stone says:

    my wife is always losing everything. she lost a 100 bill at westminster. will this work with money.

  24. I lost my keys at my brothers house during his annual summer party about 12 years ago. Everybody looked everywhere and they were not to be found. To this day when I go to his house I still look around for my keys. I just know one of these times they will show up in the garden.

  25. tina reynolds says:

    I loose everything no joke my phone and keys and pretty much everything

  26. my boyfriend loses his keys literally everyday if not more than once a day!
    so annoying for me who has to find them lol

  27. This would be perfect for my mom it is a running joke in our family about how she looses everything she is hysterical she hides money from herself for some reason? then can’t find it and finds it by accident years later!! She is always looking for something!

  28. natalie yeoman says:

    my mom always loses her keys she lost them the other day for like an hour and they were on her seat the whole time

  29. Carolyn Daley says:

    My mom always loses her keys. This would definitely come in handy for her.

  30. Jill Rivera says:

    I lost my key because I put them in my son bike pouch and totally forgot where for three days. Good thing we have spare keys to the house and the car. I feel stupid, but my aunt just told me I was having a senior moment.

  31. This is this one day that I was in a hurry to go somewhere and missed a flight because I can’t find my keys. 🙁

  32. I lost my phone when I was on public transportation. Never found

  33. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I lose my phone at least once a week. After a mad search of the house, car etc… I always find it.

  34. Erica C. says:

    My cousin is always misplacing her keys.

  35. danielle Marie says:

    i lose them all the time. normally they are somewhere in my house. or in my hand. somewhere obvious, making me late for things.

  36. Robyn Lynne Norris says:

    My boyfriend ALWAYS leaves his phone in the car when we go out to dinner. He says it only happens when I’m around… hmm…

  37. Candie L says:

    I am the family member who always loses keys, phones, etc. Thank you

  38. Danielle hall says:

    i am always losing my phone and keys i eventually find them hrs or days later lol

  39. Debra Hinson Sauvageau says:

    I have been known to lose keys and my cell phone. I have also been known to run around in a panic looking for my cell phone….only to have the person I am talking to ON MY PHONE…tell me to look in my hand bahaha

  40. Jaime Cummings says:

    My husband loses his keys all the time and blames me so this would be great!

  41. susan smoaks says:

    my husband loses his keys nearly every single morning before we go to work.

  42. My father is always misplacing things!

  43. Sarah Marshall says:

    My family is pretty good about keeping up with keys, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to have an easy way to locate them if they were lost!

  44. Melanie Comello says:

    Actually when our daughter was about three months old, i lost my cellphone and all my baby pictures in the walmart parking lot…..being all sleep deprived i didn’t realize that i left my phone in the little item holder in her stroller until we were almost home….knowing that my husband had to fold the stroller i knew, it meant my phone had fallen out….we searched and searched the parking lot, but no luck 🙁

  45. kate PATTRIDGE says:

    I continually lose my coupon binder and then my mind til I find it. can’t wait to tag it! I have never seen this before.

  46. heather c says:

    I had the pleasure of losing my keys on the golf course. Never found them…or the fob that cost about $80 to replace. Ugh!

  47. Oh I lose my phone all the time and recruit the kids to try to help me find them. Usually it’s in a toy bin or somewhere under the sofa

  48. I constantly lose my phone and it always ends up in the weirdest places

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