How PS I Adore You Raises Funds for Childhood Cancer

Three moms are reaching out to families nationwide battling childhood cancer in hopes of helping them tell their story as well as receive some financial relief and good cheer through their unique daily deal donation site, PS I Adore You.

PS I Adore You has created an incredible donation platform for the world at large to lend a helping hand to children suffering from cancer. This is not the average daily deal site, but a humanitarian company that provides consumers with fantastic deals on fun and trendy products while also helping to raise funds and build awareness for these remarkable children and their families.

Approximately 36 children are diagnosed with a deadly cancer each day and their stories deserved to be heard. At PS I Adore You, they do more than just listen–they inspire.¬† Entrepreneurs, companies, shoppers and more unite on their online marketplace to support the monthly cancer cuties through discounted products and donations.

Their message is one of love and support, and any family nationwide that’s battling cancer is encouraged to tell their story and apply for a chance to be spotlighted on the site.

MarchCancerCutieMarch’s cancer cutie is a budding high school teenager with large blue eyes, a sensitive soul, and a love for art and her harp. On January 23rd, 16 year old Bethany Wells went in for a routine doctor’s appointment only to be told she had a cancerous mass behind her sternum and a diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma. The last month has been a roller coaster of emotions and procedures as she comes to terms with problems that no teenager should have to face.¬†Bethany will have to do at least four cycles of chemotherapy (if not more) with radiation may follow.¬† This is just the beginning of Bethany’s journey, but with the help of PS I Adore You and its patrons it will hopefully be one filled with rays of beauty, fun, and support to chase away the darkness. Click HERE To Read Bethany’s full story and/or to donate.

Since its launch in 2012, PS I Adore You has been able to provide encouragement and some financial relief for dozens of families nationwide. They have created a truly unique opportunity for families to receive a helping hand through individual donations, a portion of the proceeds of every sale, and gift baskets for families filled with the delightful products they feature.

They guarantee that a minimum of 10% of their net profits for each month are donated to the featured family. However, in the past they’ve managed to donate up to 280% of their profits for a particular month, bringing some much needed peace of mind to families while fulfilling their own entrepreneurial goals at the same time.

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    what a great program,,Im for anyone or business that helps with cancer care an help,,my brother died from cancer an it was horrible what he had to go thru

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