#TheMomBuff: Leg Workout 2014

I always had trouble growing size in my legs. This is what has really deterred my from competing year-after-year in a local Figure Competition. Finally, this year I decided I was going to compete no matter what, just to get it off my bucket list. And I also decided to switch up my Leg Routine to see if I can make one final effort to get some size on these sticks and naturally lift my glutes, as well.


And after 2 months I starting seeing a difference. My glutes are much harder and my legs have a nice sweep appearing on the outside. I have since been asked to share my newest workout to see if it can help other women who want more shapely legs.

I workout legs 1 – 2x a week, depending on how the days fall. That means I work out legs approximately 5 – 6 times a month. I do sneak in extra squats on other body part days. And that is what is really benefiting me, SQUATS. There are so many types of squats, too, that you will never get bored.

When doing squats, do what is comfortable for you. Concentrate on proper control and techniques. Don’t let knees go past your toes and whether or not you want to go past parallel (have your butt dip below your knees) is up to you. Some people swear by it and other people believe it will damage your knees. If you have knee problems or other health issues, you may want to talk to a doctor before starting squats.



1. Leg Extensions: I alternate between single leg extensions and double leg extensions. 4 sets of 10.

2. Leg Curls: I prefer Lying Leg Curls over Seated Leg Curls. 4 sets of 10.

3. Leg Press: There is the “big boy” leg press by the free weights and the friendlier looking machine with the rest of the machines at your gym. I prefer the one that uses free weights. 4 sets of 10, concentrating on pushing through with my heel and bending my knees to a 90 degree angle to really push the muscle. The higher your feet are placed on the press plate, the more the butt and hamstrings are activated. If you place your feet lower, you activate the quads muscles more. There is also more strain on the knees in that position.

4. Barbell Squats – This is my go-to squat. I do this in the squat rack, since it has the stops to hold the bar for me at the top. That way I don’t have to keep lifting a heavy bar over my head onto my back!

5. Calf Raises: There are three different calf raises I rotate through.

  • Leg Press Calf Raises, which are I perform as four sets of 21s. I will do 7 with toes pointing forwards, 7 with them pointing in and 7 with them pointing out. That is the end of the first set.
  • Standing Calf Raises. These I usually do at the Smith Rack. I put a step below it and have my heels hanging over the edge for a full stretch of the muscle. I perform these as 21s, as well.

6. The last exercise – I mix it up a lot. Options include:

I linked a lot of the exercises to the appropriate video, if you have any questions about the exercise or proper form. And good luck! I am hoping for a lot more growth in the coming months!

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  1. Angela P says:

    wow.. you really look fabulous! i love seeing other moms getting fit.. it’s so inspiring.

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