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TheMomBuzz was given the opportunity to shop MySupermarket for her honest opinion and thoughts on how her readers can save money.

How¬† many people know about MySupermarket? I just learned about it this month and it is fantastic for saving on packaged food, pet supplies, cleaners and the bulk of your “grocery bill”. There are various ways that it saves you money.


1. COMPARISON SHOPPING: When you log onto MySupermarket, it automatically compares prices at 8 major stores, including:

  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Diapers
  • Soap
  • Drugstore

Instead of you digging around for the best price online, they do it for you between these 8 stores. When you find a item you need, it will get you the best price from the best store. It will also tell you if you could save more by purchasing a larger or smaller quantity package size.

They will also tell you as you shop how much you will save, compared to shopping at only one of the sites.

2. AUTOMATICALLY FINDS YOU COUPONS: If there are online coupons that can be applied to a product, it finds them for you and you can clip them and apply them to your order.

3. COUPON CODES: And even though MySupermarket automatically finds me the best price and online coupons, I still like to dig for those promo codes. If you see a promo code box, there is a chance you can find a promo code for it. First, check out their Facebook Page for codes. Then Google-around, maybe check out CouponFollow for current codes.

4. SAVE ON SHIPPING: If you purchase $75 worth of product, you get free shipping. Even if the products you are ordering comes from two or more stores, you still get the free shipping since you ordered $75 worth of products through the MySupermarket portal.


The items you are ordered will come from the individual stores, though. And if you don’t have an account for a certain store, they make it easy to create that account ASAP.


5. $20 Cash Back: When you register on mySupermarket, you will be e-mailed a code to enter during checkout during your first shop. If you spend $50 or more (And I suggest spending $75 to get that free shipping), then you will get $20 “Cash Back” via Paypal.

My Supermarket $20 Cash Back


Using my process, you can get $75 worth of products for $55 OR LESS and not pay shipping. You have to love that! Without a doubt, MySupermarket is a great way for busy parents to shop and save on food and home products. Start stacking your savings today at:

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  1. Laura Collins says:

    Is it good for all states

  2. Janet W. says:

    I love the comparison shopping feature! That would save me time rather than going through the weekly ads that come in the newspaper.

  3. Kimmie M. says:

    WOW! I’ve never heard of this place before. I can’t have a license due to health problems so this would be wonderful for me. I will have to investigate this more and see what all they have. Maybe this would be an opinion I need to look at for my grocery shopping.

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