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I love running. Well, at least I enjoy the endorphin rush when I am done running. When I first started to run I bought myself a pair of minimalist shoes and ran on a treadmill. From there I started running outdoors, while listening to Zombies, Run on my iPhone. (It’s a FANTASTIC app to keep you running!) I trained for various Obstacle-Ridden 5Ks to keep myself motivated. And during spring breaks and summer vacations I’d run barefoot on the beach.

Running barefoot on the beach is simply awesome. My feet sink a little in the sand, I can feel the grittiness between my toes and every now and then a cool wave goes over my feet, encouraging me to lift my feet higher and run faster. (Jumping over washed-up jellies also encourages some spectacular leaps on the shore.) When it’s time to re-lace my sneakers and hit the pavement again, I am definitely a little nostalgic for the beach runs.

Jumping Jellies

Running barefoot on pavement in Florida just isn’t going to happen though, even though it does promise a more natural foot “fall” and running gait. Sneakers encourage a heel strike, which jars the leg. Barefoot running has you land mid-foot as you roll into the toes. I feel it more in my calves and hamstrings when I run on the beach, although I am sure the sinking sand has something to do with that too.

But as I said, running barefoot on pavement in Florida won’t happen. It’s hot, bumpy, dirty and dangerous. But Vibram FiveFingers offers you the next best thing to running barefoot on the beach – truly minimalist shoes that conform to your feet. Each toe has it’s own little protective pocket and the bottom of the FiveFingers shoe resembles muscle structure and tendons, as it flexes naturally with your foot, while simultaneously protecting it.

FiveFingers has various styles for various lifestyles – from trail running to watersports and everyday wear to strength training. Each style also has a few color options to choose from. As a woman, I like options. And as a fitness-oriented woman, I wanted a shoe that I could wear for running on pavement, lifting weights (it’s better to squat in minimalist footwear), and wearing during errands.

My top three choices for those options were:

  • Bikila EVO – Running
  • SeeYa LS – Fitness, Running, Casual, Multi-Use
  • SPYRIDON – Running, Multi-Use, Outdoor

I talked with a knowledgeable rep and she suggested the SeeYa LS would best fit my needs – and she was right. I could use it for everything I wanted. It was the best fit – in theory. But I still had to try the shoe!

When I first received it, I was so excited. I was actually leaving that night to go to Daytona for Spring Break. I took off my sandals and immediately swapped them for the SeeYa LS. The toes made me fumble at first. I was able to get the right shoe on in seconds, but the left one required a lot of maneuvering. It took a week for me to be able to slide both shoes on with ease. It becomes easier with practice and by breaking them in.

When you read over the material, it gives you a “how-to” on breaking them in. You don’t want to start running in them immediately. I opted for wearing them a week before running in them. Day 1 I wore them mini golfing at Universal City Walk. The next week they were my go-to shoe for visiting NASA, walking around Daytona and even onto the beach. But I still ran barefoot on the beach! These shoes with their micro-suede upper were not made to run through water (in my opinion).

Vibram FiveFingers SeeYaLS

By the end of the week, they fit perfectly. They felt like a second skin. I wore them to my gym and could really feel the difference in my squats, keeping my heels down and not leaning forward onto my toes. Then I started to test them for runs on pavement. It was completely natural and reminiscent of my beach runs, as I hit mid-foot and pushed off with my toes on every step. It keeps my legs feeling strong.

Hitting Pavement

Overall, I feel like I cannot say enough positive things about the SeeYa LS. I received the Black/Gray/Rose – which I love. It also comes in three other color options, which I refer to as Sunny, Aqua and Neon. You can check them out here: SeeYa LS Options

The Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa LS is approximately $100. Different colors can be different prices, as are different styles, so poke around the site for your first pair and to make cost comparisons.

Final thought, as a fitness enthusiast I suggest these for the gym. And as a runner, I suggest these for runs. Heck, even for walking ’round town I really love them. But if you love being in shape, these are a must-have shoe.

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  1. Janet W. says:

    Those shoes are really the next best thing! I bet they are so comfortable and natural feeling.

  2. Vickie Couturier says:

    love the look of those shoes,my step daughter has a pair and totally loves them too

  3. Doing anything barefoot in the sand is incredible, I love it! Always have. Running though, good for you! What a workout! Though I immediately thought of a time when I cut my foot on some broken glass someone left behind at the beach when I was younger, when you mentioned a run, then I read on to see that you found a wonderful solution to that. Those shoes look like they’d feel much more natural running on the sand than a typical pair of running shoes.

  4. nicole dz says:

    wow these looks so cool! I love the Green / Pink / Yellow ones. very affordable too! I like that they are machine washable!

  5. Debra S says:

    I have been setting money aside for a pair of these! I got smart about 11 years ago- got angry at how dumb we can be regarding our feet! Bunions, hammertoes, so many things, all result from stupid shoes! No one’s feet are shaped like typical shoes’ toes are! NO ones. Thanks to the internet, I found several shoe makers who make proper wide-toe shoe boxes types. And these are one I am SUPER anxious to have! These 5-finger shoes… ooooo our feet would be so happy! And we can stop making podiatrists rich!

  6. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Those look really comfy!And I like the colors you got!

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