A Fiverr for Father’s Day: Four Fiverr Father’s Day Ideas


QUIZ: What Type of Dad Do You Have

Father’s Day is less than a week away. Maybe you were like me and waited a little too long to find that perfect gift. Or maybe you want to add something unique or custom to a gift you already purchased. In that case, something from Fiverr (where prices start at just $5) can add that little something to make your gift as one-of-a-kind as your dad!

Fiverr is an online marketplace that has vendors selling their unique works, most of them downloadable or e-giftable for convenience and speed. They have something for every kind of dad – from New Dads to Business Dads and Coach Dads to SAHDads. So for whichever kind of dad you are gifting for, here are Four Fiverr Father’s Day Ideas that are sure to make this Father’s Day memorable:


GETTING NUTTY: A custom Father’s Day message made of nuts, next to a squirrel, in a photo. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?


A CARICATURE OF DAD: Admit it, your dad stands out from the crowd. Something that he is known for – bad driving, good golfing, fixing cars, telling your awkward stories to potential significant others? So why not bring it to life in a fun way with a caricature! This artist will draw a caricature of your dad in Black and White for $5. Color and digital caricature options are available for a little more.


LET HIM WASH HIS HANDS OF YOU: Ever get in so much trouble, dad wanted to wash his hands of you and your problems? Well, now you can do just that. One of the Fiverrs will let you personalize soap with your photo! Every time he washes his hands, there’s your face! The idea cracks me up!


THE NOT-TECHY DAD: Is dad running a business, while trying to juggle social media, reporting, website updates and other techy details that get in the way of his work passion? Get him a Virtual Assistant with 25 years experience! 100% rating!

So switch up this year’s Fathers Day Gift and surprise your dad with a custom Fiverr gift! And remember to check out this Facebook Quiz to see what kind of dad you have! (I think my husband is the Coach Dad!)


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