Matching Tom & Teddy Swimwear Collection for Boys and Men

I often hear complaints about how the clothes for girls are so much cuter than the clothes for boys. From winter wear to summer clothes, girls have it made. But as the mom of boys, I have to tell you – the options are out there. You just have to know where to look.

tomteddyFor example, for Bathing Suits I love Tom & Teddy Swimwear. Visit the site and you will not see ONE ITEM for girls. It’s all for the XY Chromosome, which means they do their darndest to make sure the options are stylish and comfortable for the guys in your life.

This is our second year buzzing Tom & Teddy. I LOVE these suits, because:

COMFORT: These suits are soft and flexible. Ever take a regular swimsuit, like the ones covered with cartoon characters, and feel it in your hand. It’s kind of plastic-y and polyesterish. It just feels cheap. Tom & Teddy swimwear is soft, made of a microfiber fabric for the outside and cotton mesh lining on the inside.

QUICK-DRYING: Even though it is obviously made of softer material, you will still find it to be quick drying.

QUALITY MATERIAL: I have swimsuits for my boys that are cheaper, but they only last one season. The sun, salt and chlorine beats them up, fades them, and destroys the inner elastic. Tom & Teddy wear can be worn year-after-year and/or passed down from one son to another. The suits are salt and chlorine water resistant and UV protected.

STYLE: Let’s talk style as a HUGE bonus. I am not a fan of swimsuits with “cartoon characters” on them. I prefer timeless patterns. From peeking around I see that Tom & Teddy still has my favorite styles from last year, along with new vintage styles for this year.

FATHER & SON: Finally, I love that every suit they have available for men is also available for kids. I love that my sons can match their dad at the beach, pool or water park. It just looks adorable from a mom’s perspective. And my kids really look up to their dad, so this is a positive way they can emulate him.

These suits have a comfortable elastic and drawstring for a perfect fit. They also have side pockets and a back pocket.

FINAL SAY: I just want to touch on the matching suits one last time. This is a wonderful Father’s Day Gift. What better way to say “I LOVE YOU, DAD” then having suits that match. If you don’t want it to be completely matching, they do have some patterns that are similar, but in different color options. It would even be fun to get uncles and granddads in on these quality, matching swimsuits!

CONNECT: Learn more about Tom & Teddy online at They are also on Facebook!



My favorite Tom & Teddy Suit has to be the Penguins. (Pictured Top/Right)

My second favorite Tom & Teddy Swim Suit is the Nautical Blue Octopus


Finally, I love the Purple & Green Scooter (featured below)


What are your favorite Tom & Teddy Swim Suit Styles?

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