A Trip to the Bar for #Father’s Day – the @Oakley Sunglasses Bar!

TheMomBuzz was invited to a media event to learn more about Oakley Sunglasses. This is her opinion based on owning and purchasing Oakley’s, as well as attending the press event and receiving a sample.


I am LOVING this latest buzz. Let me tell you, I didn’t have to think too hard when it was time to get my husband for Father’s Day. One word – Oakley. My husband has taken to stealing MY OAKLEY SUNGLASSES that I purchased last summer whenever he was going out for a run.

“They are lighter.”
“They stay in place when I run.”
“The lenses are clear.”

That’s what I would hear as he would snag them from my dresser and go out. And I agree, of course, those are some of the reasons I bought them. I had tried on EVERY PAIR OF SUNGLASSES in TWO SUNGLASS HUTS before purchasing the pair I’ve owned for the past year.

So when theMomBuzz was invited out to Oakley at International Mall to see what’s new, I was so excited for my husband. I packed up my kiddos and we discovered something awesome at the Oakley Store. A bar. There was row after row of shelves with exquisite, multicolored sunglasses that could all be customized right there at the store.


I told the store manager it was like Build-a-Bear for adults. He countered that it was as simple as building with LEGOs, down to the pieces snapping together, snapping apart and swapping pieces for different ones.

There is a touch screen to help lead you through the process of creating your custom eyewear. You can choose colors and variations for the frame, ear sock, icon and lens. There are nearly a million possible combinations of lens tints, frame styles and colors. So pretty much, a pair you create is like a limited edition!

Video of touch screen in action:

For Father’s Day, you can go in and create a pair for your husband or dad. Or you can take him to this bar to create his own. The nice thing about going in the store, instead of ordering online, is that you can actually see how the frame fits the face.

That said, I didn’t have my husband with me when building his sunglasses. But that’s not a problem, because the fun isn’t over once the sunglasses are built. They can be continuously customized. You can go back to the store to purchase ear socks, lens, and icons and swap them out at your home, depending on your mood.

Don’t be nervous about handling your sunglasses. They are built with O-Matter Nylon that allows them to bend without breaking. They will snap at joints before they break, and you can just snap them back into place. (Remember the LEGOs analogy from before!)

See how they can bend, instead of break. They snap at the joints, and can be snapped back together:

Custom Sunglasses at Oakley start at $130. This includes the 1 year warranty, which can be “upgraded” for free to a two year warranty when you upload your receipt online.

So below is an example of what I designed in the store. Below are pictures of me and my husband modeling the unisex Radarlock frames with Red Iridium Polarized Pitch Lens.


Any questions about quality, building your sunglasses or other Oakley or Father’s Day questions? Feel free to ask below!

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  1. Oh, this is so cool how you can customize them. Perfect gift for Dad!

  2. Very cool!! LOVE Oakley!

  3. I adore sunglasses and now I want a pair of Oakley! What a neat idea to get a custom pair for Father’s Day!!

  4. These sound like great sunglasses! My hubby needs a nice new pair. I may just get him these.

  5. never owned a pair of Oakley’s but always heard good things and how good they are. Looks like an easy way to shop..

  6. I love sunglasses. I’ve never tried Oakleys, but know a couple of people that have worn them for years and swear they’re awesome.

  7. My husband LOVES his Oakley’s! I bet he would love a visit to the Oakley Bar!

  8. What a cool idea – I am so picky about sunglasses, this would be perfect for me!

  9. I had no idea about the fact that they could bend like that – kid-proof, yes! Might have to buy these the next time my husband’s gets snapped. Loooove your Twitter t-shirt, btw! 😉

  10. My Husband would LOVE a pair of Oakley’s for Fathers Day. I wonder if there’s a bar near us.

  11. I can’t leave the house without sunglasses because my light colored eyes make it impossible. I am sooooooooooooo jealous of your Oakleys, I love the lens color and the durability, wow!

  12. Those look like some really sharp sunglasses. It looks like it was a lot of fun creating glasses that you like.

  13. That is so cool! I think everything is going modular these days so people can customize their gear and everyone doesn’t have the same look.

  14. Rob only wears Oakleys,

  15. I love the look of those glasses and that they can be customized. Oakley has always made such nice sunglasses.

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