New Standard for Nite Lites – LimeLite

TheMomBuzz received LimeLites for review. This is her opinion on the product received.

My husband has been going through our house removing outlet plates and replacing them with ones that have night light built in. He thinks they look more streamlined. I admit, it’s nice being able to walk through a dimly lit hallway without having to turn on the lights at night. Also nice is not having a hot bulb sticking out of the wall for the dogs to knock out or the kids to play with.


LimeLite’s Side Lite is just that. You just replace existing plates with these that have the nightlight built right into the face plate. They have versions that work with switch plates, as well, which are perfect for bathrooms ad bedrooms. I like the ones that are built into the outlet face plates for hallways. And they are extremely energy efficient. A LimeLite Side Lite that operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week uses LESS than $0.03 of electricity yearly!


If you don’t want the hassle of playing with wires, LimeLite still has a solution for you with their easy to use Night Lites. It is a slim profile nightlight that gives the appearance of a night light built into the wall, but it’s amazingly just plugged in. Just like the Side Lite, the Night Lite’s bulb-free lighting panel produces no heat and uses only $0.03 of electricity per year. The lighting panel is non-disruptive to sleep or night adapted vision, perfect for a nursery or child’s room. It is also great for overcoming fears of the dark. Although I prefer the minimalistic design, it is also available in fun designs that might match a specific decor or children’s room. I especially like the Boogie Buster design.


Side Lites and Night Lites start at just $2.95. Visit their LimeLite Online Store to shop for Night Lights for your home or dorm.

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  1. These are really neat and great to have in the house especially with children.

  2. Sarah L says:

    These would be great in my house since I’m always turning on lights to find my way.

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