Exclusive Cat Necklaces Designed to Raise Money for ASPCA

Looking for a special piece of jewelry that not only looks good but helps to do good as well? Express your love for animals while supporting those in need, with The Cat Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver Necklace. 


Artist and owner Sara Pocius of Sea Pony Studio in Los Angeles blends simple elegance and sophisticated design into 100 specially crafted Cat Necklaces to benefit the ASPCA

By recreating familiar forms with a continuous line drawing, Sara transforms her sketches into stunning flowing jewelry.  The Cat is no exception, beautifully designed and created from one ribbon of sterling silver from the top of her tail to the tip of her toe.  Her Sassy cat profile will make you smile, while becoming the perfect accessory to any outfit or style.  

All of the proceeds made from each Cat necklace will go straight to ASPCA aiming to help provide the animals with a second chance at happy lives.

The beauty of each necklace is in the subtle details.  Each design starts as just a simple line before being beautifully transformed into flowing ribbons of silver.  So simple, but full of personality, movement, and charm!

Sara was awarded a $5000 grant from the Feline Arts Grant Council to produce the 100 Cat necklaces for the specific purpose of benefiting the ASPCA.  The Feline Arts Grant Council was born from a partnership between the ASPCA and Fresh Step kitty litter.  Although many artists competed for the honor, it was Sara’s innovative technique and flowing feline design that won the council over. 

 All of Sea Pony Studios pendants are manufactured, hand-cast and polished in the USA and are eco-friendly being made from either recycled or ecologically-mined silver from the US and Canada.

Sea Pony Studio launched in February 2012 and transitioned from handmade beaded jewelry to Sara’s current collection in the fall of 2013.  Sara was recently featured on Business News Daily for her use of 3D printing in her design process. 

Her new collection features 3D printed and sterling silver versions of various animals including peacocks, owls, and of course Sea Ponies! She plans to have the complete line in silver available in late Spring.

Sara’s amazing pieces can be found on her website www.seaponystudio.com and her exclusive cat design can be purchased on the ASPCA website at HERE.  The designs retail for $99.00 but if purchased through ASPCA shoppers will get it for a special price of $60.00.

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