Florida Summer Destination – Wet ‘n Wild

TheMomBuzz utilized media passes to attend the park.

I am 35 years old, have lived in Florida most of my life and never been to Wet ‘n Wild. My mother has phobias about water parks and restaurants, so when you take that into consideration it’s not too surprising I hadn’t been before. Yet my Delawarian (Delawaranite?) husband who transplanted here does have childhood memories of going to this popular water park when he would visit his grandparents.

He would mention OVER and OVER that he wondered if the water park would live up to his memories. My mother passed some of her water park “fears” to me, so I was hesitant on finding out. Mostly, it’s a cleanliness thing. Like thousands of people in the same bathtub. :shivers:


But there has been this buzz about their all new Aqua Drag Racer and it really piqued my interest. New is good. So on our way to our summer destination a couple of weeks ago, we stopped by Wet ‘n Wild to see it from the perspective of:

  1. An adult who has never been there before
  2. An adult who has been there as a child
  3. Two 47.5″ boys

And now let’s get down to the good stuff – our tips and thoughts on Wet ‘n Wild.


TIP ONE: Arrive at opening. You want to be walking through the gates as soon as they open. By noon lines are forming for the most popular rides.

TIP TWO: Hit up the most popular attractions first, before settling for the Lazy River, Surf Lagoon and Blastaway Beach. There are no lines for those three sections, just “dive in” – although you might end up waiting for a tube on the Lazy River if you really want one.

TIP THREE: Disco H20 had the longest wait for us. From outside the park it looks minimal, but they don’t let long lines build up on the staircases. We are all waiting on the ground for permission to head up. It was a 30 minute wait. So head there first because it was one of our favorite rides, but we decided not to stay on that line again.



Disco H20: 36 – 48″ must ride with an adult. You can ride with up to four people on a raft. You go down a large black tube, which my oldest didn’t like. But then you are in this centrifuge of disco lights and music going around and around, which my youngest loved. Finally you are whisked out into sunlight and down a slide.In the end, this was my youngest’s favorite ride.

The Surge: 36 – 48″ must ride with an adult. Once again it’s a four person raft. It’s similar to the Disco H20 without the disco music and I don’t remember there being a dark tunnel, so my oldest liked this one more. It’s 5 stories high with lots of dips, turns and dunks!

The Blast: 36 – 48″ must ride with an adult. They have specialized rafts for this one. You can ride one person or two person. You have to carry the raft up to ride down. The idea is that you are riding down a ruptured pipeline. When you are on line they have a radio talking about what the ride is like – it makes it sound scarier than it is. The person working the ride was kind enough to push it so that my oldest was riding forward and I was riding backwards, since he got a little scared. But my youngest rode with his dad and had …, well, a blast!

The Flyer: 36 – 48″ must ride with an adult. We ALL loved this ride. I think we went on it three of four times. You ride up to four people in a  row, one sitting behind the other, on a raft. Then you zoom down the slide, always facing forward. Finally you plunge into the pool at the bottom. It was speedy and so much fun!

Bomb Bay: Must be 48″ tall to ride. My husband went on this one, while my boys and I rode the Lazy River four times. We could actually see him on line from the Lazy River. You go in this special “holding cell” and then the floor opens beneath you and you drop 6 stories. My husband said he couldn’t even feel the slide beneath him, he just felt like he was falling. He was all smiles when he met us at the Lazy River again.

Mach V: Under 48″ requires a life vest. I actually thought my boys couldn’t ride this, until I saw a shortie come off the slide. I looked at her, looked at my sons and realized they were taller than her. So I asked an attendant and she confirmed they just required a life jacket. So we all grabbed racing mats and climbed up LOTS of stairs. Once on top there were three slides to choose from. They all zig-zag around each other and you come shooting out at the bottom. My husband was able to go the fastest. My oldest son (who is built like a bird) was able to float on the water on his special foam mat! It was hilarious. We rode this one 3 or four times, it was so much fun and one we could all agree on.

Blastaway Beach: This was how we ended our stay. My boys are shorties, under 48″ tall – but one is 8 and the other is 6.5. The Blastaway Beach is designed for kids that age, so my husband and I positioned ourselves to see the exits and let the boys go through the maze of slides, soakers, waterfalls, water jets and pools together. “STAY TOGETHER – DO NOT LEAVE EACH OTHER,” was my rule. And they did excellent. Plus, there were lifeguards going through the entire play area to keep an eye on the kids.


This whole play area is built around a “sand castle” rising 60 feet high. It spans an acre and features 15 slides, two pools and hundreds of built in water shooters. It is definitely one of the largest water play areas of it’s kind. You can access it when you first enter the park and turn left.

LAZY RIVER: Under 48″ requires a life vest. Tubes are floating in the water and you grab one. I only go on Lazy Rivers in the water parks because my sons are still enthralled by them. Seems like a lot of people are, it got crowded by noon! There are spots in the Lazy River where you might pass under a water fall, which my sons loved.

SURF LAGOON: Under 48″ requires a life vest. My youngest was so MAD about that, because they don’t have that rule at another water park we visit. But this one is LARGER with BIGGER WAVES and much more CROWDED. So he had to deal with it! Safety first! Once the waves started coming, he was as happy as a clam. We didn’t stay in there too long, though, because it was pretty crowded.



For the life of me, I could NOT get my kids on the Aqua Drag Racers. They were tall enough to ride, but my oldest doesn’t like rides that put him in dark tubes and my youngest was just being stubborn.


When you first enter the park, turn right. There are lockers right there and the Aqua Drag Racers are by the lockers. It stands six stories tall and features four parallel racing lanes. The starting line that is 65-feet high and guests plunge at incredible speeds through enclosed braided, twisting tunnels at fifteen feet per second on special mats. Riders only have to be 42″ to ride!



Brain Wash: Must be 48″ to ride. A mind-altering trip down a 53-foot vertical drop into a domed funnel. A family tube ride, up to four people.

Black Hole – The Next Generation: Must be 48″ to ride. A deep space adventure that’s light years from ordinary. I BELIEVE it’s a tube ride with up to two people. Don’t quote me on it, though. 😉

The Storm: Must be 48″ to ride. A swirling body coaster is a torrent of thrills. A solo ride, no mat or tube.

Der Stuka: Must be 48″ to ride. Free fall down this nearly vertical, six-story speed slide. A solo ride, no mat or tube.



If you are looking to attend, there are special rates for people who purchase their tickets in advance (you can save about $10 per ticket) and deals for Florida Residents (pay for a day, come back all year). Visit www.wetnwildorlando.com and look at the bottom of the page for those links.

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando is also offering Half Price Admission after 5pm. This deal began Friday, June 27 and ends August 16th, 2014. Purchase an Adult admission for only $28.00 or $25.50 for a Child, per person, plus tax, after 5pm. Restrictions apply and this offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.



Overall, my husband and kids could have stayed there all day. Amazing! It’s actually a very affordable water park, compared to other options in the area. And it was clean – very important to me!

Have you been to Wet ‘n Wild? Do you have a favorite ride?


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  1. It looks like a really fun place to visit! I am not a ride-goer, so I’d plant myself in the lazy river.

  2. What fun! We love water parks, my kids like the water slides but I stick to the Lazy River and Wave Pool usually!

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