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IMAG2383ZooMoos are a collection of insulated cup holders that come in many different fun and unique characters. Characters currently include:

  • Bobo the Monkey
  • Rosie the Owl
  • Buster the Dog
  • Sparkle the Unicorn

Keep a look out for additional ZooMoos designs to be released this year. The idea behind ZooMoos is to keep sippy cups insulated and cool, something that can seem hard during adventures to the playground or theme park. Plus ZooMoos help your child grip their sippy cups even better.

When you purchase a ZooMoo, in addition to the cup holder, you also receive BPA and phthalate-free a sippy cup. You can use the ZooMoos insulated cup holder with most other styles of children cups and bottles.

My first impression of the ZooMoo Rosie was that it added a significant bulk to the sippy cup. But it turns out the extra padding of the holder has prevented many spills from the cups that we have been using. Even when the cup tips over, the elevation of the insulator keeps water from spilling out completely.

There was a learning period as my daughter just treated it like a toy and played with it, but slowly she got used to holding on to it while drinking from her cup.

Not only does this keep her water cold but it solves one other problem that we constantly have at our house and that is the sweating of the sippy cups. ZooMoos absorb the sweat from the cups and bottles. They are also machine washable, which is always a plus.

Due to Rosie the ZooMoos vibrant colors and animated design, sippy cups have gone missing less frequently in our house. They are now easy to spot with the bright pink wings.


Another perk is that it would come in very handy when there is a large group of kids. There would be no mix up in who a bottle or cup belongs to since the unique characters are very easy to remember.

From July 11 – July 14 ZooMoos are available for purchase at www.zulily.com.

Otherwise can be bought directly at www.zoomoos.com.


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