FlipBelt for Runners: hands-free and no fanny pack

TheMomBuzz received a FlipBelt to review. This is her thoughts on the product received.

I love running. Well, I love finishing a run. The sense of accomplishment and racing endorphins rock. The problem is, sometimes when I want to run to the gym, I end up walking instead because I have my tote holding my keys, ID, phone, etc. I got into the habit over these past three months of walking over running and all I can say is, “Ack!” I gained a wavering 4 to 8 pounds! I’m sorry, but on my 5′ 6″ frame, that is noticeable.


So I received the FlipBelt for review, which is this form-fitting and comfortable belt that holds your necessities. It has little pockets built into the belt. There are no zippers or velcro, you just flip the belt with the pockets facing your body and it is now all “sealed” with nothing falling out.


I have been running to the gym with mine, plus doing complete workouts and never even notice I was wearing something different! Plus it blends in with my workout attire, looking like a complementing piece of fabric. The FlipBelt is made from a special spandex-lycra blend that is moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and machine-washable for optimal function and durability. And the best part is, my weight is back down to my normal range again!

The FlipBelt is currently available in ten colors. Sizes range in XS to XL. I wear a medium. They are $28.99 each and available from www.flipbelt.com.


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  1. Cynthia C says:

    What a nice practical design. Lots of fitness enthusiasts would like this.

  2. Nicole Dz says:

    It doesn’t even look like a belt, and I love how it just blends in with your clothes. Love also that it is moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and machine-washable!

  3. Christina G. says:

    Oh wow, you can’t even tell. You look great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great idea! I am a walker but I know what you mean. Most workout clothes are made for carrying keys or cellphones. I will have to check their site out. Thanks for the info!

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