Quick Breakfast for Mom: Egg White Power Protein Powder

eggwhitepowder“They” say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Us moms, we know that, right? That’s why we make sure our kids eat breakfast in the morning. In fact, we know nutrition is important overall, so we also pack a balanced lunch, serve a nutritious dinner and schedule in healthy snacks for the kids. But what about us? On Facebook and Twitter I see my mom friends who don’t have time for breakfast and forget to eat lunch.

There are couple things wrong with that. First, your body has been fasting overnight. It needs food to get started – and I am talking about more than just coffee. Also, if you don’t feed it, it starts to think it’s starving and your metabolism will slow down. That said, I am not talking about starting with a pancake breakfast, complete with a side of eggs, bacon, sausage and sugary syrup. When  am getting the boys going in the morning, I reach for protein powder. Chocolate is my go-to flavor. So I drink up as I make them breakfast, help them get dressed, pack their lunches and get them out the door.

So what protein powder should you choose? For years Ive chosen a whey protein powder. But my husband recently told me that egg protein powder is better. So I looked into it. It seems as if egg protein powder was the top choice, but then milk proteins surpassed it because they were cheaper and supposedly tasted better.

That said, I tried egg white protein powder for the first time from eggwhitepowerprotein.com. I received a sample of the chocolate flavor and thought it tasted great and mixed very well, no clumps like when I mix my whey protein powder with water. The flavor was very “real” cocoa. My whey protein powder just tastes like chocolate pudding.

So why choose egg white protein powder? Do they both offer the same benefits. Yes and no. Both have similar amounts of protein, depending on the brand you choose. For example, the Egg White Protein Powder was 23 grams of protein compared to 22 of the whey protein powder in my house. More protein is good!

But, the egg white protein powder is lower in fat (0 grams), lower in calories (100 versus 135), lower in carbs (2 versus 6.5). The egg white protein is also cholesterol free and has no dairy, so that is good for those who want to avoid dairy products. It’s also sugar-free.

So yes, I could easily make the switch to Egg White Protein Powder mixed with my water for a protein shake in the morning.

Prep options include:

1. Mix with 8 ounces of water

2. Blend with 6 ounces of water, ice

3. Mix with 8 ounces of milk

4. Blend with 6 ounces of milk, ice

5. Mix into plain or vanilla yogurt

6. Mix into plain, prepared oatmeal

7. Blend with strawberries or bananas

I also noticed that I didn’t get hungry as fast after drinking my egg white protein powder shakes, while I tend to get hungry within an hour or two after my whey protein powder. Additionally, these shaked provide essential amino acids, branch chain amino acids, and glutmaic acid that encourage weight loss, support muscle growth, and promote healthy brain function.

So, what does a mom who uses easy to mix protein powder for shakes look like? Well, when combined with some running and lifting – this is me:

Yah, I am pretty proud. But I couldn’t do it without taking a few seconds to shake up my breakfast. So whether it’s simply mixed with water, blended or mixed, Egg White Power Protein is my new and delicious way to restore, rebuild, and replenish my body.

Each 840g container provides 28 servings of chocolate or vanilla flavored powder. More information can be found exclusively on www.eggwhitepowerprotein.com.


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  1. Christina G. says:

    I’ve never heard of egg white protein powder. I’m always trying to incorporate more protein in my diet, so this is great news. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen Glatt says:

    I have been wondering about whey protein powder shakes and now you are discussing them and have given me the information I need in picking a protein egg powder. I want to get this product and see if it can help me stop the cravings. Thanks for sharing this great information!!

  3. Nicole Dz says:

    I love a good protein shake, especially in the morning, gives me the healthy boost I need to get me going. I need to try this stuff.

  4. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I totally agree with what you said and know all about starving your body and it slows metabolism. I need to follow what I do and expect my kids to eat. I think protein power is a good way to start your day.

  5. This sounds like something I would like to try. I have been looking for a supplement that I could easily add to my diet. I like that this has a lot of protein to give you the energy you need. Some are just full of calories.

  6. shelly peterson says:

    I will have to let my son know about this stuff, he’s always drinking stuff like this.

  7. Arena Thompson says:

    this seems like a great idea. my belly seems to not like traditional whey protein so interested in trying this!

  8. vickie couturier says:

    interesting,never heard of this product before

  9. I’m looking for an alternative to whey protein right now. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for the info! You look great, by the way!

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