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SOL REPUBLIC has fast become one of my favorite brands when it comes to listening to music. Right now in my household of four, three of us have SOL REPUBLIC devices. My oldest son has the DECK, which is a wireless speaker that can be paired to 5 devices at a time and has a HEIST capability. It’s pretty awesome – a social amplifier.


My husband uses Master Tracks Over Ear Headphones with impressive immersive sound capabilities. He likes them for working out at the gym, because he can really concentrate on his own workout and cut out distractions from those around him.


Finally, I recently received a pair of TRACKS AIR for review – the first wireless headphones from SOL REPUBLIC. Can I just say OMGoodness and my husband is SO JEALOUS of me. Haha! I actually am sharing these with my son, because he truly loves music. But I take them whenever I need to workout or run and I am just AMAZED by the quality. They beat every other pair of headphones I have even tried. Plus, I am just amazed at the fit, they stay on when I run! Here are the features that I love.


WIRELESS: These are wireless headphones. It took seconds to connect it to my iPhone. I can control the headphones both from my iPhone or from the Sound Engines (Ear Pieces). The Sound Engines have a power button, volume control, microphone and a multifunction button.

AMAZING SOUND: When I put them on, they cut out all other sounds. If you are using them in public, you do have to be extra aware of surroundings because of this. A zombie apocalypse could be going on and I wouldn’t know with these babies on. As the music plays, each sound engine delivers its own individual sound for an immersive experience, like you are right at a concert. It’s simply mind-blowing.

PHONE CALLS: Since I paired this with my iPhone, it’s great that it takes phone calls! It has a built-in mic, so you can just have a crystal clear conversation without taking off the headphones.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Just like the Master Tracks Over Ear Headphones, these are customizable. They come in four colors, but you can purchase a different headband – the power is in the engines, not the headband.

COMFORTABLE: The Sound Engines are powerful, but comfortable. They adjust and stay in place, so my husband, son and myself are all comfortable wearing the TRACKS AIR. Even when running at a good pace, they stay on and don’t slide off.

WIRED: If for some reason you need to be wires, they do come with a single button cable with mic.


To charge the TRACKS AIR, you use the included USB cord. A carrying case is also included. You can also do nifty stuff if you are all techy like my husband, such as connecting multiple devices to the TRACKS AIR. I am simple. Right now it’s connected to my iPhone and that’s all that I need. These are great for listening to music. They are also superb for watching movies on a tablet.

Now, I tested them for quality and found that they were superb. But truly, these would be excellent for college-bound students, hence my #BTS (back-to-school) hashtag. Students can use them for long trips and flights back home. Plus they will help cut distractions when studying. A little music in the background in these sound-isolating headphones and they will be making those passing grades with ease!

TRACKS AIR are available from Best Buy for between $195 – $199, depending on any sales or deals they may be having. They are currently available in four colors – red (Vivid), blue (electro), black (Gunmetal) and white. You can learn more about them at


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  1. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i love the 15 hours of battery life

  2. janna johnson says:

    wow long battery life is great

  3. christine j says:

    these look amazing, i love that they are wireless

  4. I love that they are wireless which would be great for my workouts! I also love that they have a built in mic, so I can use them to talk on the phone!

  5. I like that they are wireless.

  6. I love the 15 hour battery life.

  7. Karen Drake says:

    I love that they are wireless.

  8. Michelle H, says:

    I like how they are wireless

  9. For me, the sound quality is key in a pair of headphones. I love listening to music, but have a different schedule from other people in my home. I really don’t like to bother them with my music when they’re sleeping, but I’ve been pressed to find headphones with great sound quality AND a reasonable price. These might fit the bill.

  10. I like the 15 hour battery life.

  11. my favorite feature is that it is wireless, this would be convenient!

  12. Mihaela Day says:

    I love it that they are wireless. 🙂

  13. My favorite feature is they are wireless.

  14. danielle Marie says:

    the fact that they are wireless. booo wires!

  15. Karen Martin says:

    My favorite feature is the 150′ wireless range. Awesome. Thanks

  16. I love that it’s wireless.

  17. I love the 15 hours of battery life.

  18. i love the 15 hours of battery life and
    150′ wireless range

  19. I LOVE that they are wireless! I have gone through countless pairs of ear buds because they always seem to break where the cord connects to the plug! Tired of wasting money replacing them!

  20. That they are wireless!

  21. Brittney House says:

    I like that they are wireless.

  22. I like the long 150 foot range. That means I can be in the house or yard without worrying about wires.

  23. tina reynolds says:

    I love the overall design and that it is wireless

  24. My favorite feature is that it’s wireless.

  25. I like that they’re wireless.

  26. I love the •15 hours of battery life. My daughter could listen to music 24/7 so this big for her. Thank you!

  27. Long battery life

  28. susan smoaks says:

    i love that the batteries last so long, 15 hours!

  29. I love how awesome they are and that they coe in red!

  30. the 15 hour battery life.

  31. Love that they are wireless!

  32. I love the: 150′ wireless range. that is awesome.

  33. Carolyn Daley says:

    My favorite feature is definitely the 15 hours of battery life.

  34. I love the 15 hours of battery life. Thank you

  35. I like that Tracks AIR connects to two devices at once!

  36. Angela Cash says:

    My favorite feature of Tracks Air is the 150′ wireless range. It would be fantastic to not have to be tethered to my phone or tablet when listening to music.

  37. I like that they are wireless so I can roam around and get things done while listening.

  38. My favorite feature is the battery life!

  39. Thanks for the giveaway… we like the multi-device connectivity, and the long battery life !

  40. Trisha McKee says:

    I love the fifteen hours of battery life. Great feature for anyone always on the run.

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